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Meet Glenda Cassini - Italy

We were about to see the main Cathedral square in Florence and one of my pax said: "Wow, I am so excited that I think I am gonna cry!". And we weren't even there yet! 

What do you get the most out of being a group leader?

People are excited about what they see, but are also willing to share their culture with me as well. I like this cultural (and language!) exchange.

What led you to becoming a leader?

After an Intrepid tour in Peru I asked the leader about the job and she suggested me to send the application. Since I always organise everything when I go on vacation with friends I decided it was high time I started getting paid for it!

Is there one ‘real life experience’ that stands out for you?

The unexpected one as we passed Carrara on the train one day. An elderly lady saw the marble and started telling my group about how she had ordered her own gravestone already, made out of Carrara marble! This led to a long conversation with me as a translator, and the lady was talking so loud that the whole train carriage could hear her story.

What is the most special thing about the region you lead in?

Europe has so much culture. We often take for granted some things our passengers have never even heard about. And there are so many stereotypes about Italy around the world! Finding out that some of them are real, but most of them are not is very interesting for my groups.

If I were hungry in your region, where would you take me to eat?

In Italy? Everywhere! From a bakery, to a coffee place, to a restaurant to a pizzeria. What do you feel like?

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