Intrepid's photo competition

How does it all work?

Travellers from all over the world are invited to send in their best travel snaps in digital form. You don't have to be a pro, you just have to have a keen eye and a great travel spirit.

Simply upload your photos and they’ll be ogled and admired by travellers near and far*. Winners are chosen by a panel of photo-loving Intrepidites and after getting a personal high-five from us, will be announced to the world in Intrepid Express, our email newsletter.

The competition closes on 30 June each year. Entries received after this date are entered into the following year's competition.

Each month there is a new theme so to have a chance to be our monthly winner, you’ll need to upload a photo that encapsulates the relevant monthly theme.

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*Please note that not all images entered will be eligible for the competition. If they don't follow our guidelines for entry then they won't be accepted or published in our online gallery (see please note below).

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This years monthly themes

January - Food from the road

Point that lens away from your #deliciousdinner and onto the planet’s most sizzling street food, freshest market produce and finger-lickingest travel snacks. If it’s worldly and delicious, we want it on our plate. 

February – Local faces

So much of a person, and of a country, is written on the face. A gap-toothed grin from a carpet merchant in Cairo, a solemn frown in St Petersburg or a big old smile in Cambodia – we want to see them all.

March– Europe & Turkey

Ah Europe…point a lens anywhere and you’ll hit something impossibly romantic. But here’s the test: can you rise above the clichés? Show us Europe and Turkey as we’ve never seen them before. Le challenge is on.

April – Streetview

Street photography is edgy, funny and powerful by turns. This month we want your best shots from street level. Think the back roads of Brooklyn, a cobbled lane in Seville or the sandy streets of Jericoacoara. Show us the street in

May - Friends travelling

You, your best buddy and a big wide world – that’s what we’re looking for this month. But try to avoid the selfie stick if you can. Show us your crew conquering the Annapurna, chilling out in Tulum or paddling down the Okavango. Friends forever.

June - Travel icons

Dust off those Taj shots. Bust out the Great Wall landscapes. This month we’re looking for the world’s travel icons, but not as you know them. Show us our old favourites in a new light. Bonus points if you fit your face in there too.all its glory.             


What can you win?

Each month we will be giving away an Intrepid Tavel voucher to the value of USD800.

How to enter...

Head over to the Enter page, where you’ll need to enter your details before uploading your selected shot. Then tell us a little bit about the image – where did you take it, were you on an Intrepid trip, is there a story behind it? And if you want to add a caption, you can enter this in the title section.

Please note

We love viewing and sharing our travellers’ snaps from around the world but we do have some guidelines around the publication of photos on our site. If you are not seeing your photos appear, it may be for one of the below reasons:

  • Intrepid needs to make sure all photos are within guidelines before they are published. This process can take up to 48 hours.
  • The required minimum file size (of images) is 1024 x 768, Hi Res, JPEG files. Please send the highest resolution version of your image possible.
  • No images supplied in hard-copy will be accepted. Only high-resolution digital files will be accepted.
  • A maximum of 5 photos per category, per person, per month will be accepted. 
  • This is a travel photo platform. Pictures of weddings, school trips, family BBQ’s etc. may not qualify unless relevant to the category. 
  • The photo needs to be in line with the monthly theme. Please see above for full list of competition themes. For example, if the theme is Delicious Discoveries, please upload images of food, drink and feasts rather than landscape pictures (as beautiful as they may be).
  • On occasion, we may post pictures that are not on theme but these images will not be eligible for the monthly prize.
  • Only shortlisted photos will be uploaded to the site.
  • By submitting the photographs you are agreeing to the licencing terms as outlined in clause 12 of the competition terms and conditions.
  • View full entry and prize terms and conditions

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