If you've already got a group of people to travel with but want all the benefits of travelling the Intrepid way, like minimal planning, an incredible local leader and maximum real life experiences, we've got just the thing. Introducing our Private Departures. Just pick your trip, select the dates that work for you and let our Private Groups Specialists  take care of the nitty-gritty details for you.  

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The world’s a big place and it’s human nature to get out there and explore it. The only thing is, it’s a really big place. So to help inspire your next adventure with us, we've put all of our top trips based on travellers' reviews below for you. As well as some of our most unique trips just to keep things interesting.

Our top rated trips

15 Days From $1,550

Travel to Morocco and visit the best of the country's attractions from Casablanca to...

15 Days From $3,955

La dolce vita - the good life - is exactly what the Best of Italy trip is all about....

15 Days From $1,710

The enchanting northern province of Rajasthan is awash with all the colours of India....

15 Days From $2,035

Take on the adventure of a lifetime trekking in Nepal to reach Everest Base Camp. First...

15 Days From $2,840

Welcome to the Balkans - where East meets West and new merges almost seamlessly with...

15 Days From $1,768

Explore the mysterious land of the Ottomans Intrepid-style. Marvel at Mehmet Aga's...

10 Days From $2,360

Wild, tropical and remote, think of Borneo as South-East Asia's answer to the Amazon....



Off the beaten path trips

Trip Name Days From NZD
Trans-Mongolian Experience



The Kokoda Track



Bolivian Amazon Jungle



Real Food Adventure - Sri Lanka



Gorillas & Chimps In Depth



Jordan & Israel Adventure



Experience Madagascar



Land of Belize



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