Book 9 Get 1 Free!

When it comes to group travel, it’s not usually BYO group. But sometimes a bunch of friends or a hockey team (or a whole office) wants to throw routine to the wind and set off into the wide blue yonder. Brilliant. Most of our itineraries are available as private group departures. Basically this means you get the usual Intrepid perks (local leaders, central accommodation, lots of grassroots adventure) but you tell us when and where. No strangers, no stragglers, just you and your crew.

If you’ve got a birthday / anniversary / graduation / insert excuse here coming up, give our specialist team a call. Pick an itinerary, book 9 spots on a private group trip before 15 July and we’ll even give you the 10th for free. It’s time to make 9 phone calls.



Terms and conditions

Why private groups?

  • Departure dates built around your schedule
  • Travel with people you've hand-selected to join you
  • Personalize your experience by working with our team to tailor the details

Who should consider a private group?

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