Intrepid Sightseeing

  • Journey to the desert for a day of Bedouins, camels, and unforgettable landscapes. Climb a mountain, ride a camel through the desert, cook over an open fire – Bedouin style, and trek to super ancient Egyptian burial tombs. All in a day’s work, hey?!
    9 hours
  • Give the all-inclusive holiday makers a wave as you drive off into the desert, away from the resort-laden Sharm el-Sheikh and into the more authentic landscape of Egypt. The desert tour will take you into a canyon, fill your belly with Bedouin food, and teach you how to sandboard. All in a day’s work! 
    Sharm el Sheikh
    9 hours
  • Camels, and mountains, and Bedouins, oh my! From a camel trek across the desert to a traditional Bedouin lunch, this is the Egypt experience you don’t get at the resorts of Sharm. Spend the day climbing Mount Matamir, trekking to the Nawamis tombs, and reveling in gorgeous panoramic views. What resort?
    Sharm el Sheikh
    11 hours
  • Take a hike! Join this day tour from Sharm el-Sheikh that waves goodbye to the resorts of the city and leads you around the ancient lands of Egypt, from the UNESCO World Heritage site of St Catherine, to the biblical sites such as the Burning Bush. Top it all off with a jaunt up Mt Sinai with dazzling sunset views at the summit, and you’ve got yourself one serious Egyptian adventure. 
    Sharm el Sheikh
    16 hours
  • Join this Bucharest Home Cooked experience with Stefan, Alina, and their son Matei, who welcome you into their home for a delicious, traditional meal. Tantilise your taste buds with foods such as ciroba, sarmale,stuffed peppers and fish, tocanita, and more. We won’t try everything on this list, but it gives you an idea of the tasty treats to come. Wash it down with some Romanian wine, tuica, or a soft drink, and say cheers with your new friends in Bucharest! 
    3 hours
  • Learn to cook and dine like a local on this Kochi tour that will teach you to whip up South Indian food like a pro (best souvenir ever!). Break bread with a Kochi family and learn all about their culture with this unique glimpse into local life in ever-beautiful India.
    2 -3 Hours
  • Treat your tastebuds to an eclectic mix of cuisines on this whistle-stop Kochi food tour through the Muslim, Hindu, and Christian areas of this diverse Indian port city. Nibble on snacks like biryani, thali, and pollichathu curry, stroll through the markets, and wash your experience down with a drink at a toddy bar as you brush shoulders with the locals. 
    3 hours
  • Immerse yourself in the domain and life of famous Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson, from its former mansion built in 1890, now a Museum, to the adjacent Botanical Gardens. Climb the Road of the Loving Heart to his resting place on Mount Vaea Scenic Reserve.
    3 Hours
  • Coffee, chocolate, beer, ceviche, and cocktails. It reads like a sample platter of Panamanian flavours, and that’s exactly what it is! Join this Panama City tour to discover the flavours that make this city unique, and gain local insider knowledge on the best restaurants in town. Victory!
    Panama City
    2.5 hours
  • Get to know Peru through its flavors on this Cusco tour that teaches you all you need to know about one of Peru’s most unique creations – the Pisco Sour! From market, to mixing, to the best part  - consumption! - we couldn’t teach you any more about this legendary drink on this tour even if we tried. 
    3.5 hours