Intrepid Sightseeing

  • Experience the mash up of old and new that is modern Hong Kong! You'd be forgiven for thinking that there's nothing more to this financial mecca than bright lights and skyscrapers. Join this Hong Kong tour to see the slow, traditional side as well as the frenetic futurism it's known for.  
    Hong Kong
    3 hours
  • Enjoy the 'Greatest Hits of Prague' on this tour which acts as a great foundation for your Czech journey. Tuck into some hearty Czech fare, see the icons of Prague, sail on a replica 19th century sailboat, and sip a locally-brewed pilsner - it doesn't get more Czech than that!
    6 hours
  • Short on time? Not keen on sweating it out on the Inca Trail? Then join this Cusco tour to perform a major lifehack on your Peru travel plans by fitting a scenic train ride, picnic lunch, a soak in hot springs and a guided tour of Machu Picchu all into one day.  
    14 - 16 hours
  • Cycle in the footsteps of the ancients on this Lima tour guaranteed to blast away jet lag. Hit the dusty road to the ruins of Pachacamac, cycling past villages, crops and haciendas. Don't forget to dig deep for the inclines and let loose on the downhill runs!
    8 hours
  • A blast of sunshine and sea air is a legitimate antidote to travel stress. Add in some cycling-induced endorphins, public art, and boho neighbourhoods and you've got yourself a winning Lima tour.    
    3.5 hours
  • Temples, shrines, spice markets, palaces, hot chai, even hotter street food, and a place called Freak Street. Join this Kathmandu tour to experience the wonderful and darn right weird sights of Kathmandu by night.  
    2-3 Hours
  • Need to lower your blood pressure? Join this Apia tour that will help you shift gears into 'island time' courtesy of kava, coconut juice, nature walks, basket weaving, and some compulsory beach time.
    4 hours
  • Lake Lanotoo was recently designated as a National Park. It is the most famous of Upolu’s volcanic craters. It is also remote and require a good hike before reaching its cool green water. You will explore high altitude rainforests, learn of its traditional uses, of the devastating cyclone impacts and have a chance to encounter the rare endemic birds living in this rainforest, the Manumea and the Maomao, and many other colourful native birds.
    3-4 Hours
  • Explore the Sacred Valley of the Incas with Cusco Urban Adventures. View Pisac town and the amazing views from the top of the mountains, and get lost in the labyrinth of the famous Pisac local market. Visit the impressive Ollantaytambo archaeological site, and get off of the beaten track to experience the local life and culture in the Sacred Valley.
    8 hours
  • On this day tour you'll visit key Incan highlights to experience Cusco at the grassroots level. Start at the vibrant San Pedro local market. Then head out of town to explore two major Inca sites, Sacsayhuaman and Q’enqo. Enjoy a picnic around amazing landscapes and then return to Cusco walking, learning about the history and culture along the way.
    3-4 hours