Intrepid Sightseeing

  • From its old world charm to its chic and sleek modernity, Madrid is a city that has seen many changes. Journey through time on this Madrid tour that takes you from the gardens and cloisters of centuries gone by, to the multicultural neighbourhoods and trendy buildings that make up Madrid’s modern vibe. With snacks along the way and a mind-blowing view to finish, this tour is surely set to satisfy. 
    3 hours
  • Love the look of our Philly tours, but feel like customising them to make exactly the tour you're looking for? Well, you're in the right place.  Put our team of local experts to work to build the perfect itinerary just for you. You can include some of the components of our regular tours, or none at all. This is your tour - so make it your own! If you're not sure, we've got plenty of ideas for what you might want to include. If you let our team of expert locals know your interests, they will come up with all kinds of things! 
    1 Day or 1 Month - it's up to you.
  • Discover the ultra-stylish craft beer scene of Brooklyn on this NYC beer tour that not only samples delicious brews, but teaches you fun facts about them, too! Take a stroll with a local to discover the who, what, where, and when of the history of NYC and Brooklyn beer, from the breweries of the 19th century to the biggest beer buffs in town today. Cheers to that! 
    New York
    3 and half
  • Welcome, we are delighted to have you as a guest in our Costa Rican family home in San Jose. We hope you enjoy your evening learning to cook and dine like a local on this authentic cooking experience with lots of laughter, friendships, and memories that will last a lifetime.
    San Jose
    4 hours
  • Entdecken Sie Venedig essend und trinkend. Fühlen Sie sich wie ein Venezianer in versteckten Bars und lernen Sie alles über unsere Kultur mit lokalen Guides!
    Dauer : 3 Stunden
  • You know what’s cool? When a city shuts down a bunch of its streets every Sunday, turning the city into a haven for active locals! Get into the local groove by joining Sunday Ciclovía, one of Bogota’s coolest urban initiatives, and see why we all love this tradition so much.
    4 hours
  • Wine.         Oh, we need to say more? Alright, well, there’s also a ton of culture and history, a tasty local dinner, and the chance to experience San Jose’s nightlife with a local. Best. Night. Ever.
    San Jose
    4 hours
  • Ever wondered what the food culture in Singapore is like? Or perhaps why Singaporeans calls their Chinatown ‘Niu Che Sui’? Or just what the heck a hawker centre is anyway?! Join this Singapore food tour through Chinatown to leave no stone, rice cake, or poh piah unturned and to learn all about one of the most unique neighbourhoods in Singapore.
    3.5 hours
  • Those who have been dreaming of picturesque Europe can put Italy or France on the back burner for now – it’s time Slovenia got some recognition! Discover the truly magical streets of Slovenia’s capital on this Ljubljana food tour that delicately clinks glasses with the city’s unique culture, history, and delectable snacks. With a chilled glass of wine and a view over Ljubljana to finish, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t thought of visiting Slovenia before.
    3 hours
  • Sundays in Usaquen are like no other. In fact, they’re the perfect way to get away, without even leaving Bogota! The boho neighbourhood is packed with culture and the tastiest of treats, but it’s the flea market everyone talks about. Spend a Sunday in Usaquen, and you won’t want to spend a Sunday anywhere else…well, for the next week, at least.
    2 hours