Intrepid Sightseeing

  • Anti-establishment, edgy, gritty and fun, Berlin breeds creatives, artists, and change-makers. Join this offbeat Berlin tour to get an intro into the Friedrichshain area via dance, beer, and a ride on the M10 party tram.
    3 - 4 hours
  • The unofficial kingdom of cool, Berlin is Germany's epicentre of trendsetting. This Berlin tour marries art with food, and there's no better place for a union like this than the creative enclave of Kreuzberg.
    3 hours
  • The irrepressible city of Berlin has withstood more than most. See the impacts that World War Two, the Holocaust and the Cold War had on this city, then see how it's reinvented itself to emerge as one of the hottest spots for travellers to visit.
    4 - 5 hours