Intrepid Sightseeing

  • The Dutch don't talk much about their food, unless it’s about pancakes! Pannekoeken are a traditional Dutch treat — sometimes sweet, sometimes savoury, but always delicious! Enjoy this two-hour pancake lunch with David de Slingeraar, your cook, in an historic landmark, the Karthuizerhof — a 14th century monastery turned into 20th century subsidised housing and open garden space. David is 45 years old and has lived in A’dam his whole life (as have four generations of de Slingeraars before him). He has some Jewish history — hence the name David “the slinger” — but spends most of his time now slinging food for people in the local neighbourhood he knows so well. The Dutch base their meals on what they call “the trinity”: two veggies and a meat (oh, and don’t forget the cheese, please!), and David will teach you about these traditions in Dutch cuisine as you enjoy a classic meal of pannekoeken. He looks forward to welcoming you into his home for a tasty Dutch meal.
    2.5 hours to 3 hours
  • Love the look of our Amsterdam tours, but feel like customising them to make exactly the tour you're looking for? Well, you're in the right place.    Put our team of local experts to work to build the perfect itinerary just for you. You can include some of the components of our regular tours, or none at all. This is your tour - so make it your own! If you're not sure, we've got plenty of ideas for what you might want to include. If you let our team of expert locals know your interests, they will come up with all kinds of things!
    5 hours
  • In Amsterdam and love to shop? Look no further! This one-of-a-kind Amsterdam tour will take you through three distinct local shopping neighbourhoods, from designers’ studios, animal friendly buyers, vintage stores, and beyond. On top of that, your local guide will also be telling your stories about Amsterdam’s consumer history and social change along the way, giving you a meaningful backdrop to your Amsterdam shopping experience. Don’t worry – there’s no pressure to buy anything. Oh, and we should probably mention there will also be chocolate and apple pie. Tasty treats and shopping streets, need we say more?
    3-3.5 hours
  • Bask in the glory of liquid sunshine on this Amsterdam tour that covers all the best bars, breweries and beer halls of this brew-loving city.  From a place where nuns used to brew ales, to the mothership of Dutch beer brewing - the original Heineken building - see, and taste, the Netherlands strong brewing history.  
    3 - 4 hours
  • From snacking on salty fries, to savouring rich cheeses and sipping boozy spirits, this indgulent Amsterdam tour should come with a health warning!
    2.5 - 3 hours