Intrepid Sightseeing

  • Go beyond the cliched curry and try some authentic Indian bites on this Delhi tour. From homemade ice cream to fruit beer and dumplings, Delhi's food scene is thriving and surprising.
    3 hours
  • Skip the celebrity chefs and head straight to the source of authentic Indian cooking secrets on this Delhi tour that delves into the heartland of Indian cuisine - a local's home! 
    4 - 5 hours
  • Much loved, oft-quoted, sorely missed, inspirational Gandhi was possibly India's most influential (not to mention inspiring) figures. This Delhi tour honours the great man, his work, his words, and enduring legacy. 
    3 - 4 hours
  • As far as Delhi tours go, this one covers all the cultural bases. Learn about Gandhi's life and influence, get a slice of the street food action, explore Hinduism at a local temple, and cup some hot chai in your hands.  
    3-4 hours
  • With Portuguese, English, Dutch, and Chinese influences, Kochi is unlike anywhere else. Join this Kochi tour to cycle the coast once known for it's stranglehold on the spice trade. Old habits die hard - the smell of cinnamon and clove still spike the air.
    4 hours
  • Receive the essential guide to Mumbai on this tour which covers history, religion, architecture, community, transport, and something else you've been dying to know - how the city does its laundry!
    3 - 4 hours