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Asia is far away, as in other side of the world kind of far. And while it takes some time to get there (we’re looking at you, 20-hour long-haul flight), when you arrive…well, that’s when the magic happens. Your travel dollars stretch a long, long way on the streets of Yangon, Delhi or Ubud, and with a small group adventure you can cram a lot into a short amount of time. Street food crawls, vine-covered temples, rickshaw rides and Mekong homestays all await once you get there.

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Our top Asia trips

Take a scenic and spiritual tour of China and Tibet. Travel across the top of the world from Beijing to Lhasa, visit...
USD $1,135
CAD $1,375
AUD $1,455
EUR €945
GBP £745
NZD $1,565
ZAR R16,695
CHF FR1,045
Travel from historic Hanoi to modern Ho Chi Minh City. Tour down the Mekong, visit Halong Bay, be tailor made in Hoi...
USD $1,445
CAD $1,750
AUD $1,850
EUR €1,195
GBP £945
NZD $1,990
ZAR R21,230
CHF FR1,330
Jump aboard an active tour of Northern Thailand. Visit Bangkok, explore Chiang Mai, take a hilltribe trek and kayak...
USD $1,715
CAD $2,080
AUD $2,195
EUR €1,211
GBP £956
NZD $2,360
ZAR R21,411
CHF FR1,338
From spicy curries and fragrant biryanis to flaky pastries and the scent of coconuts, this adventure covers the real...
USD $1,885
CAD $2,145
AUD $2,250
EUR €1,530
GBP £1,170
NZD $2,470
ZAR R21,175
CHF FR1,565
A magical getaway on Indonesia's Islands. Travel across Bali and Lombok visiting arty Ubud, Mt Batur, Mt Rinjani,...


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Asia is big, and we mean really big. So let us help you get the information you need. Click through to where you want to take your next adventure and you'll find all of the info you need about what to expect, the must-see highlights, currency exchange, weather, monsoon season, FAQ, geography and history and everything in between. If you can't find what you're looking for you can always contact our Adventure Specialist and they'd be happy to help.

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Get off the beaten path in Asia

Trip name Days Total
price from
Mountains & Mystics 13
USD $1,090
CAD $1,320
AUD $1,395
EUR €895
GBP £710
NZD $1,495
ZAR R16,010
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Real Food Adventure - Sri Lanka 12
USD $1,915
CAD $2,320
AUD $2,450
EUR €1,351
GBP £1,066
NZD $2,635
ZAR R23,897
CHF FR1,496
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Philippines Palawan Island Getaway 9
USD $2,025
CAD $2,350
AUD $2,480
EUR €1,640
GBP £1,280
NZD $2,725
ZAR R23,335
CHF FR1,680
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Classic Borneo 10
USD $2,105
CAD $2,550
AUD $2,695
EUR €1,750
GBP £1,380
NZD $2,895
ZAR R30,925
CHF FR1,935
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Wild Mongolia 15
USD $2,780
CAD $3,370
AUD $3,560
EUR €2,310
GBP £1,820
NZD $3,825
ZAR R40,855
CHF FR2,560
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Bhutan Discovered 7
USD $3,045
CAD $3,495
AUD $3,670
EUR €2,470
GBP £1,900
NZD $4,025
ZAR R34,505
CHF FR2,530
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Land of the Rising Sun 14
USD $4,650
CAD $5,640
AUD $5,955
EUR €3,870
GBP £3,045
NZD $6,395
ZAR R68,335
CHF FR4,280
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