The Best Seasons for Travel

When it comes to travel, timing is everything. Flying to Japan in cherry blossom season, touring Iceland beneath the Northern Lights, or rumbling across the Maasai Mara as the wildebeest make their great migration: all picture-perfect moments you just can't capture year-round. So how do you plan for travel seasonality? How do weather, wildlife and wild parties affect your itinerary? You start by doing your research. Introducing our ultimate guide of where to go, and when to go there.

The 'Must-sees'

Iceland Northern Lights

We run departures from October through to March that will take you to some of Iceland's best locations to spot the Northern Lights

India Holi Festival

Holi Festival is on March 13 this year and is best celebrated in Jaipur and Delhi.  

Japan Cherry Blossom Season

Cherry blossom season starts in late March this year in the cities of Tokyo and Kyoto. It can be seen in April further north in the city of Sapporo. 

East Africa's Migration

In August, the wildebeest start their migration from the Serengeti to the Masai Mara. This leads to incredible wildlife spotting opportunities in October and November in the Masai Mara. 

Galapagos Wildlife

Each of the Galapagos Islands are unique and offer different wildlife opportunities. Here is your guide to the Galapagos by month and island. 

The Add-on's

For most of us, vacation time is limited to just a week or two, but that doesn't mean you need to rush through your next adventure. Got a temple you're dying to see? Heard about an epic day trip? Our Short Breaks let you to add a few more days to your adventure – plenty of time to check items off that Bucket List. 

Festival Seasons

Some of our favorite memories of the road involve getting swept up in some street festival, catching a glimpse of a traditional wedding, or dancing the night away with samba-dancing locals. From the holy waters of the Ganges and the graveyards of Mexico to the tulip fields and orange groves of Europe, festival season never truly dies. Here are some of our top picks for festivals around the world.

2 Days From €145

Travel from Istanbul to Gallipoli for the 2017 Anzac Day Dawn Service. Sleep out under...

15 Days From €2,710

Embrace the festive atmosphere at the Naadam Festival, with visits to the region's...

5 Days From €790

Become a part of the Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico City. Join a street party,...

5 Days From €920

Become a part of the Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico City. Join a street party,...

14 Days From €2,290

Travel through the untouched beauty and fascinating culture of Ethiopia. From the...

2 Days From €135

Travel from Istanbul to Gallipoli for the 2018 Anzac Day Dawn Service. Sleep out under...

10 Days From €1,195

From Bucharest to Sibiu, Sighisoara to Brasov get beneath the history, mythology and...

12 Days From €1,695

Travel to Egypt and experience the history and culture of the land of the pharaohs on a...

13 Days From €2,370

Get a taste of China on this cultural and ice-filled adventure.

8 Days From €2,975

Follow the Winter Festival Trail around Japan’s northernmost island. See the world’s...

5 Days From €950

Brave the sub-zero temperatures of Harbin and you’ll be rewarded with the most...

6 Days From €2,080

Carnival, the famous festival of Rio de Janeiro, is the greatest party on earth! Join...

6 Days From €1,305

Join Carnival, the greatest party on earth! The famous festival of Rio de Janeiro is an...

Monsoon Season

Monsoons are caused by a reversal of winds - cool sea breezes meeting warm gusts from the land. They result in strong winds, torrential rainfall and some truly spectacular electrical storms. As a safety precaution, we don't operate tours in regions that are at risk of flooding or landslides during monsoon season. But that doesn't mean the rest of the monsoonal world is off limits. In fact, a lot of travelers prefer to adventure during the wet season. There are fewer crowds, lusher scenery, and it forces you to slow down and appreciate the journey (hiding from amazing monsoonal storms will do that). Check out our Top 5 monsoon destinations and their weather patterns below. And don't forget your umbrella.






Packing Guides

When it comes to packing, we recommend a less is more approach. Some of our itineraries have restrictions on how much your luggage can weigh (you'll find all the details in the essential information section on the trip page). These restrictions are in place on the majority of trekking trips for our porters' protection, and also on trips that involve internal flights; the local airline often has restrictions we need to abide by. Want to know how to pack your bag like a Tetris pro? Check out our handy guides.