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Travel to Fes, Casablanca and Marrakech on a Moroccan food safari. Master traditional North African recipes of tajine, couscous and pastries in instructional cooking classes. Tour spice markets and souqs, and unwind in a homestay.

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There is a later version of this trip also available for travel from Jan 1, 2015 to Dec 31, 2015. View later Real Food Adventure - Morocco.

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  • 2014-01-01 - 2014-12-31

Explore the culinary sensation of Moroccan street food and fine dining

Salaam Aleikum! Welcome to Morocco, where tasty fusions and vibrant aromas excite the senses and bring North African tradition to life. Prepare your tastebuds for a whirlwind tour of flavour sensations in this culinary melting pot, a place where Berber, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese and French cooking combine as one. With a scoop of the seaside, a sprinkle of exotic medinas and a dollop of spice markets, this is a journey best served with the warm hospitality of the Moroccan people. Mastering traditional recipes with the help of local knowledge, this trip is guaranteed to leave your tastebuds tingling for more. Experience adventurous eating in one of the most culturally diverse regions of the world.

  • Create the perfect couscous during a cooking demonstration run by local women
  • Experience rich Moroccan hospitality in a homestay
  • Explore the seaside Portuguese settlement of Essaouira while dining on the catch of the day
  • Follow the aromas of a Medina on a local produce tasting trail
  • Learn ancient cooking techniques at a master class in pastry making
  • Show off your culinary skills and master Morocco’s classic dish, the tajine
  • Sip on the finest wines Morocco has to offer in Meknes
  • Visit the largest, most impressive mosque in Morocco, the Hassan II Mosque

What's included in this trip

  • Start:

    Casablanca, Morocco
  • Finish:

    Marrakech, Morocco
  • Group size:

    Min 1 , Max 12
  • Ages:

    Min 15
  • Meals:

    10 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 1 dinner
  • Accommodation:

    Guesthouse (1 nt), Hotel (7 nts), Riad (2 nts)
  • Transport:

    Private vehicle, Public bus, Taxi, Train
  • Included activities:

    Fes - Guided walking tour, Fes - Medina Tasting trail, Meknes - Guided walking tour, Meknes - Vineyard tour & wine tasting, Moulay Idriss - Tagine Cooking Demonstration, Oyster Farm Visit

  • Carbon emissions offset:

    135kg pp per trip
  • Notes:

    For 2015, this trip will commence on a Friday and be 10 days in duration. The trip will no longer include a stop in Oualidia.

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Real Food Adventure - Morocco Summary

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Days 1-2 Casablanca

Modelled after Marseille in France, the bustling port city of Casablanca is now the undisputed economic capital of Morocco, with one of Africa's largest ports. The architectural style of the city is curious - famous for its art deco French-colonial buildings and Mauresque governmental institutions, an old medina and the phenomenal modern-day masterpiece, the Hassan II Mosque.

Day 3 Meknes/Moulay Idriss

A relaxed city with an array of historical sites on its doorstep, Meknes has a fascinating Old Town and wonderful labyrinthine streets. The sacred pilgrimage town of Moulay Idriss is a wonder to explore as the faithful gather to pay homage to the founding father of Islam in Morocco at the 8th-century mausoleum.

Days 4-5 Fes

Descending into the labyrinthine alleyways of the Medina is like taking a giant step back to the Middle Ages. Preserved by the French for its historical value, this preservation also led to the decline of the city's importance, as both government and financial centres were set up elsewhere in the country. With the Jewish population moving away in 1956, and too many rural poor moving in for it to handle, this ancient centre of learning is only a shell of what it used to be. Still, it remains a fascinating living museum where getting lost is half the fun.

Days 6-7 Marrakech

Marrakech is a feast for the senses. Be enticed by the alluring scents and brilliant colours of the spice markets, the sounds of the musicians, the rich folds of carpets, delectable foods, acrobats and perfumed gardens.

Days 8-9 Essaouira

A seaside town with undeniable charm, Essaouira's stone ramparts play host to whitewashed houses with bright blue shutters, art galleries and a picturesque harbour.

Days 10-11 Marrakech

Explore the amazing Medina and the seemingly endless mosaic of souqs. Each is devoted to a separate trade: pottery, woodwork, copper, leather, carpets and spices. A wander amongst them is a sensory delight.
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