The safety of our passengers, leaders and operators is a major priority of Intrepid. With this in mind we monitor world events very closely. Intrepid makes operational decisions based on informed advice from a number of sources.

The level of the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT) travel advisory. For any Intrepid Travel operated trip if this advisory is at Level 4 'Do Not Travel' then Intrepid will either cancel a trip or reroute the itinerary to avoid the areas concerned.

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With over 400 leaders on the ground in operational destinations and subsidiary companies in our main hub cities, Intrepid has access to a up to the minute flow of information as to the mood and feelings within the countries we work in.

We are also in regular contact with the various operators we use. Their in depth knowledge and understanding of their various areas is vital.

Other Government travel advisories:

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Avalanche on Mount Everest - Nepal - Sat, 2014-04-19

On Friday April 18th at around 06:45 local time an Avalanche struck in an area known as the "popcorn field", just above Everest base camp at 5,800m (19,000ft).

We can confirm that no Intrepid travellers were involved in the tragic event and all groups are safe and accounted for. At this stage all trips will continue to operate as normal. We will continue to monitor the situation through Intrepid's team on the ground and will update this information as required.

Our thoughts go out to all those involved.

Earthquake in Chile/ Tsunami warning - Wed, 2014-04-02

A recent earthquake in Chile has  triggered Tsunami warnings for the Pacific coast of Latin America, and Ecuador in particular.

We have been in direct contact with our local operator in Ecuador and Peru and at this stage they have advised the Tsunami is not a threat to any of our clients currently travelling, or to those that are about to commence travel. All Intrepid trips will continue to run as scheduled.

We will continue to monitor this situation through our ground team as well as the travel advice provided by Government travel advisories. We will post more information on this site as it becomes available.

Nairobi - Wed, 2014-04-02

We are aware of the recent events in Nairobi and Mombasa over the last week.

Kenyan authorities announced enhanced security measures across Kenya on 31 January. These include enhanced security checks at all Kenyan airports.

To date our trips have not been affected and we expect to continue to operate all of our trips without any interruptions. However travel times to and from the airport can be as long as 4 hours so please leave plenty of time to make your flight. We recommend that travellers avoid visits to public places in Nairobi and Mombasa at this time. We also recommend that you book private arrival and departure transfers for your trip.

In conjunction with our local office in Nairobi, and Government travel advice we will continue to monitor the situation carefully. Any changes will be updated on this site. If you do have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your booking agent.

Intrepid's Nairobi Office can be reached on the following: 24 hour number +254 733 523 813

Expedition Algeria - Itinerary Change - Tue, 2014-03-25

We have been advised by our local operator in Algeria that the province of  Ghardaia (visited on day 9) has been experiencing sectarian violence over the last few days. It started off as protests over the last few months but 3 days ago they escalated resulting in casualties. As a result, the town is under a security lock-down.

Therefore we have changed the itinerary for the Expedition Algeria departure on 05APR (PGXA140405). Please find attached an amended itinerary avoiding the area.

The itinerary remains the same until day 7 where we will overnight in Biskra instead of Batna. On day 8, instead of travelling by road to Ghardaia, we will do a half-day tour of Biskra and then fly to Adrar (the nearest airport to Timimoun). After that, the program is the same as the original with 1 extra free day in Taghit.

Please ensure that you have the updated version of the trip notes. (Please contact us to recieve this) They must be printed.  The airport  authorities may ask to see this  itinerary, and this will show that passengers are not travelling to Ghardaia. If Ghardaia is included in the itinerary, the authorities may deny entry to Algeria. This is a precautionary measure.

Should the situation improve and the authorities clear this area, we will then revert back to the original program.

Ukraine - Wed, 2014-03-12

The political situation in Ukraine continues to be unpredictable and potentially volatile. Crimea remains extremely tense and public protests continue in and around Kyiv. Based on advice from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and in the interest of traveller safety we have regrettably made the decision to cancel all tours to Ukraine until 15th June 2014.

We hope that post-election (scheduled for 25th May) the situation in Ukraine will become clearer and will reassess at this time when it is safe to return.

Update on Sinai - Thu, 2014-02-20

The increased unrest in the Sinai area has triggered new travel advice to some areas of Egypt by the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The safety of our passengers, leaders and operators remain our top priority. With this in mind, we are working with our local operations team to review our itineraries in Egypt.  

Travellers on affected itineraries will be contacted directly with confirmed alternative arrangements.  If you do have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your booking agent.

We will continue to monitor this situation through our ground team as well as the travel advice provided by the UK and Australian governments. We will post more information on this site as it becomes available.

Bangkok Protests - Mon, 2014-04-07

Since the start of November 2013, there have been a number of political demonstrations that have taken place in locations around Bangkok and other parts of Thailand.  The main protest area was along Rachadamnoen Avenue including Democracy Monument in Bangkok, however this has also expanded to a number of government buildings in central Bangkok.

The rallies have been generally peaceful though there have been some acts of violence. As a safety precaution we recommend that travellers stay away from protests areas, details of which are listed on noticeboards at our hotels in Bangkok.

To date our trips have not been effected by the protests and we expect to continue to operate all of our trips without any interruptions. However travel times to and from the airport can be as long as 4 hours so please leave plenty of time to make your flight.

In conjunction with our local office in Bangkok, we will continue to monitor the situation carefully.

There is ongoing protest rallies being organised daily with major roads throughout Bangkok being blocked. We advise any passengers arriving or departing from Bangkok to continue to allow plenty of time to transport to/from the airport. Long delays getting to and from the airport are expected. If you require any urgent assistance once you are in Bangkok please call our emergency phone which is staffed by our local Thailand office.

Intrepid's Thailand Office can be reached on Tel: +66 898 103 722

PUBLIC TAXI'S -  Due to an increase in protests during this time Bangkok taxi drivers may not want to drive from the airport to your downtown hotel.  If the public taxis will not take you please go back inside the airport and you can arrange a private vehicle transfer with the Airports of Thailand transfer services. These cost about 1200THB per car to the downtown hotels. Our pre booked private airport arrival and departure transfers are still operating to and from the airport so we encourage all passengers to pre book these paid airport transfers through their booking agent prior to travel. The private airport transfers must be booked at least 7 days prior to travel.

19JAN2014 - it has  been reported that an explosive device was thrown into the protest crowd in Bangkok at Victory Monument on Sunday the 19th of January. We  continue to advise that all passengers stay away from the protest areas in Bangkok. All our Hotels are located away from the protest areas and we are still able to continue running our iitneraries away from the protest sites.

21JAN2014 - The Thai Government has declared a State of Emergency in Bangkok and surrounding areas from 22nd of January. This gives the Government additional powers to contain the protest situation. Currently all our trips are operating as normal and we are monitoring this situation daily.

17FEB2014 - It has been reported that the Thai Police have been attempting to break up protest sites yesterday to declare order back in the city of Bangkok. Some violence has occured in these protest areas. We continue to advise all passenegrs in Bangkok to avoid these protest areas. All Intrepid  trips are running as per normal and we continue to stay away from these protest areas.

26FEB2014 - It has been reported that violence has occured on Sunday the 23rd of February resulting in 2 deaths and injuring others who were in the protest area on Ratchadamri Road (Rajaprasong Intersection) . Monday the 24th of  February further violence broke out at the protest area of Lumpinni Park. We still advise passengers to avoid all protest areas including the current blockade of the core downtown areas from MBK to Saragon to Central World, Rajaprasong Intersection to central Chidom and Asoke. To date no Intrpeid groups have been affected by these protests and all Intrepid group trips are running as per normal. All of the Hotels we use are well away from these protest areas and we are able to run our normal itineraries unaffected by these protests. We still encorage all passengers to allow plenty of time to travel to and from the airport (up to 4 hours) due to current road blocks around Bangkok.

01MAR2014 - Three of the main protest sites over this past weekend have now been pulled down and re-opened to traffic on Monday 3rd March, which has greatly improved the traffic flows and unrestricting the downtown areas of the city. The sites which have been pulled out are Asoke,(Sukhumvit) Pathumwan (MBK & Siam Paragon) and Ratchaprasong (Central World, Gaysorn Plaza and Central Chidlom) which has also now re-opened the central downtown shopping areas of the city making them once again accessible to all. While this is good news and a step in the right direction we still ask all passengers to avoid the remaining protest areas at Lumpini (Silom) and Pan Fah bridge as although these protest areas remain peaceful, unexpected incidents and outbreaks of violence may occur without warning. The State of Emergency in Bangkok still remains in place until the 22nd March 2014. Currently there has been no visible impact to date since the decree was enforced, and no freedom of movement restrictions or night time curfews have been imposed. Bangkok continues to function at a normal level with most businesses and offices continuing to operate without obstruction, people are able to move around the city freely and are going about their daily routines. Intrepid trips are running as per normal.

Nepal Airline safety - Fri, 2013-12-20

The EU has recently chosen to highlight the safety record in Nepal and as of 5th December 2013, all Nepalese registered carriers have been included on an EU list of ‘Banned Airlines’ In response to general concerns over the safety record of Nepalese carriers, in 2011 and 2013 a consortium of leading adventure travel companies asked independent air safety experts to visit Nepal to assess the suitability of the available air carriers. Following these comprehensive audits it was decided to restrict our use to just three approved carriers, which are Yeti Airlines, Tara Air and Buddha Air.  It remains our firm policy to only use these three approved carriers for our customers and further audits will take place regularly. For emergency situations, we also have an approved list of helicopter companies for our use. Whilst acknowledging the safety issues identified by the EU, we believe we have taken all possible measures to reduce the risk to our customers of flying within Nepal. We would like assure that our customers’ safety remains our number one priority at all times.