What standard can I expect the accommodation to be?

We use a range of different accommodation styles. Our on-the-ground staff inspect all our hotels regularly to ensure they are clean, comfortable and safe.  

Will my family sleep in the same room?

Where possible, we will endeavour to room you and your children in adjoining rooms. All children 5 and under will always be roomed with their parents.

Will there be a swimming pool?

Swimming is always a big draw for kids, so we try to use hotels with pools where possible. Depending on how far off the beaten track the itinerary wanders, there may not be hotels with pools in the vicinity, but there may be freshwater lake or tropical bays to take a dip in instead. 

Can children from different families share rooms if they like?

As the dynamic of the kids’ group evolves, you may find that they want to share rooms with their friends instead of siblings etc. Once keys have been allocated, we are happy for parents to decide on the rooming arrangements of the kids as they feel suitable.

Does the hotel have TV/Wi-Fi/Restaurant?

The amenities for each hotel we use are listed in the detailed trip notes that are included with each trip.