Basix-style trips - freedom & affordability

Our Basix style trips are designed for travellers who prioritise freedom and affordability over frills and inclusions. By working plenty of free time into the itineraries and keeping many of the activities optional, we aim to make travel possible for those on even the most slender of budgets. 

Other travel styles include Comfort and Original.

What is 'Basix' style travel?

For us, Basix style travel means exceptional value, plenty of free time and having the flexibility to choose where and how your time and money is spent. After all, why pay for an excursion you wouldn’t otherwise be interested in. Or a level of comfort you don’t require.

What does this equate to on the ground? On occasion, it could mean pitching a tent, using public transport or experiencing long travel days. Or it may just mean paying for the daily activities that you choose to do. It’ll never mean compromising on safety or professionalism – but by forsaking the occasional creature comforts, you’ll stand to benefit from the best grassroots experiences that travel has to offer. And for many, a little bit of roughing it is all part of the adventure!

Your leader

As with any Intrepid trip, all of our Basix-style adventures are led by a local leader whose specialty is getting you from A to B, showing you the sights and letting you in on the secrets that make theircountry tick. Independent exploration tends to be valued by Basix-style travellers, so there’ll be plenty of free-time each day and your leader certainly won’t be holding your hand or calling for lights-out. But when it comes to recommendations for dinner, attractions worth a visit or local language tips, there is no one better to turn to.


Toulou villages, China
It’s not every night you get to slumber in a UNESCO World Heritage site, but that’s what happens on our village stay with the ethnic Hakka people.

Pousada, Brazil
Swing the day away in a hammock or potter about the tropical backyard of a homely guesthouse in Ilha Grande.

Yacht, Italy
Take in the dazzling coastline of Italy’s Amalfi Coast the best way how – by boat. Head ashore at points of interest, then drift off to sleep to the ocean’s ebb and flow.


Hard-sleeper trains, India
Make the most of your daylight hours by travelling long distances while asleep. Cosy but clean, India’s hard-sleeper trains are a pleasant surprise.

Ferry, Jordan
Hop aboard a ferry and keep company with locals on a journey across the Gulf of Aqaba to the Sinai.

Overland vehicle, Africa
Africa’s famous dirt roads, epic potholes and river-crossings? Not a problem with a fleet of vehicles custom-built for the task.