Basix style

For travellers on a budget

Basix trips keep things simple to give you amazing experiences at a great price. We use simple, clean and centrally located accommodation and include plenty of free time so you can do the things that suit your budget and interests.

What is Basix style travel?

Our Basix style trips are designed for travellers who want exceptional value, plenty of free time and having the flexibility to choose where and how their time and money is spent. By working plenty of free time into the itineraries and keeping many of the activities optional, we aim to make travel possible for those on even the most slender of budgets. After all, why pay for an activity or excursion you wouldn’t otherwise be interested in? Or a level of comfort you don’t require? As a wise person probably once said, a bed's just a bed when there's exploring to be done.

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Basix trips on discount

From a South African safari to the waterfalls of Yosemite, and everywhere in between – these are some of our best and brightest Basix trips. And we have a handful that are up to 20% OFF if you book to travel in June 2016. Hurry, they’re filling fast. 

Trip name Days Total
price from
North India Unplugged 22
USD $1,215
CAD $1,330
AUD $1,420
EUR €895
GBP £657
NZD $1,530
ZAR R13,120
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Explore Vietnam 11
USD $850
CAD $920
AUD $985
EUR €680
GBP £500
NZD $1,060
ZAR R9,070
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Laos Traveller - Bangkok to Vientiene 14
USD $960
CAD $1,049
AUD $1,122
EUR €777
GBP £573
NZD $1,207
ZAR R10,353
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Buenos Aires to Rio Unplugged 17
USD $2,470
CAD $2,695
AUD $2,893
EUR €2,002
GBP £1,485
NZD $3,109
ZAR R26,658
CHF FR2,052
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Vic Falls to Kruger 9
USD $1,365
CAD $1,505
AUD $1,610
EUR €1,115
GBP £830
NZD $1,735
ZAR R14,855
CHF FR1,140
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Cambodia Adventure 12
USD $850
CAD $940
AUD $1,025
EUR €695
GBP £515
NZD $1,080
ZAR R9,260
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Berlin to Venice 15
USD $2,025
CAD $2,215
AUD $2,370
EUR €1,645
GBP £1,205
NZD $2,550
ZAR R21,860
CHF FR1,680
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Kruger & Coast 9
USD $1,300
CAD $1,495
AUD $1,570
EUR €1,055
GBP £815
NZD $1,720
ZAR R14,765
CHF FR1,080
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Kenya Wildlife Safari 8
USD $1,280
CAD $1,395
AUD $1,495
EUR €1,035
GBP £765
NZD $1,595
ZAR R13,770
CHF FR1,060
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Mayan Encounter 17
USD $1,390
CAD $1,525
AUD $1,629
EUR €1,129
GBP £837
NZD $1,750
ZAR R15,021
CHF FR1,156
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Kilimanjaro - Rongai Route 8
USD $2,864
CAD $3,128
AUD $3,349
EUR €2,320
GBP £1,721
NZD $3,604
ZAR R30,897
CHF FR2,380
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Yosemite and Tahoe 3
USD $530
CAD $595
AUD $625
EUR €435
GBP £325
NZD $675
ZAR R5,790
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Turkey Explored 18
USD $1,593
CAD $1,738
AUD $1,870
EUR €1,279
GBP £956
NZD $2,014
ZAR R17,221
CHF FR1,326
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Garden Route Adventure 14
USD $1,560
CAD $1,695
AUD $1,830
EUR €1,270
GBP £940
NZD $1,970
ZAR R16,880
CHF FR1,295
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Barcelona to Berlin 15
USD $3,095
CAD $3,495
AUD $3,675
EUR €2,520
GBP £1,905
NZD $4,030
ZAR R34,575
CHF FR2,580
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Explore Egypt 15
USD $1,128
CAD $1,236
AUD $1,320
EUR €1,064
GBP £680
NZD $1,392
ZAR R12,184
CHF FR1,088
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Stone Town to Vic Falls 15
USD $1,272
CAD $1,392
AUD $1,492
EUR €1,036
GBP £768
NZD $1,604
ZAR R13,768
CHF FR1,060
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What is the accommodation like?

Simple, clean accommodation

We look for simple, clean and centrally located accommodation to give you a good night's rest along with a great trip price. Generally Basix trips use budget accommodation, sometimes with shared facilities and occasionally on a multishare basis. 


On many of our itineraries, we also include a homestay for a night or two to really get a feel for local life. While the facilities are often basic, what better way to get immersed into a culture than by sharing a roof and meal with a local family. 

Some more unique accommodation 

From time to time, we also get the chance to stay in some more unique accommodation – like a stay in a Borneo longhouse owned by former headhunters!

The billion star rating

We also love a bit of camping on our trips. It means pitching in to help set up camp and sometimes basic facilities in more remote areas, but the extra effort definitely pays off when it comes to the locations and experiences. 

I'm travelling solo

Great! You're about to travel with a bunch of people that not only have similar interests but are as excited to discover the same destination as you. There’s no extra charge when you share accommodation with a member of the same sex, but if you'd like a little more privacy with a room all to yourself, there's a single supplement available on many of our Basix trips. Learn more

What else is included?

In addition to your accommodation and transport being taken care of, we also include: 

Local leader

All of our Basix-style adventures are led by a local leader whose specialty is getting you from A to B, showing you the sights and letting you in on the secrets that make their region tick. Your leader certainly won’t be holding your hand, but when it comes to recommendations for food, attractions worth a visit or local language tips, there is no one better to turn to. Meet our leaders

Explore your own way

We work plenty of free time into our Basix itineraries and offer lots of optional activities so you can decide where and how to spend your time and money. It's the opportunity to experience as much of the desintation as possible, but without paying for a stack of extra inclusions you may not want. 

Group activities

In addition to lots of optional activities, there are a few group activities included as well. These might include orientation walks in each city, visits to local markets and entrance fees for some of the major highlights along the way. Although meals are generally not included, your leader is on hand to help you make some awesome food discoveries. 

How we move around – transport

On a Basix journey, the way you travel is all part of the adventure. Depending on the destination and the itinerary, you could find yourself travelling on anything from a donkey to a bus or a private safari vehicle. 


Our other styles of travel


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