Our guide to your favourite animals and where you can see them
This is our guide to the best places to see your favourite animals and our top wildlife trips for each. If you want to see the Big Five try one of our African Safaris, for tigers and elephants head to India or Sri Lanka and for the rarer and more exotic animals, it has to be the Galapagos.We cannot always guarantee sightings but our local Group Leaders know the best places for game viewing and will do their best to find you the best spot.
Mountain Gorillas: Uganda
Gorillas are the largest living primate on the planet. To see the mountain gorillas of Bwindi head to Uganda on our Gorillas Trails tour where you'll also track chimps in Kibale Forest..
Tigers: India, Nepal, SE Asia
The Bengal Tiger is a dangerous but reverred animal and a sighting of this majestic cat is unforgettable. Our best trip for tiger spotting has to be our Classic Rajasthan trip to India.
The Rhino: South Africa, Namibia, Botswana
There are two species of rhinoceros - white and black. The black rhino is an endangered specie but can still be seen in Etosha NP in Namibia and the Mkuzi GR in South Africa. Top trips for Rhinos are the Experience Southern Africa tour where you'll visit the Khama Rhino Sanctuary and our Cape Town to Vic Falls tour which includes a two day safari in Etosha National Park.
Marine Wildlife (whales and dolphins): South Africa, Asia, Ecuador and the Galapagos
For prime whale watching head to Cape Town between June and November when pods of dolphins and whales are abundant or head to Canada on our Best of Western Canada tour where you can enjoy a whale-watching tour. For dolphins try our Galapagos Voyage where you can swim with dolphins and sea lions among other sealife.
Elephants: East and South Africa, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka
The good thing about elephants is they live in both Africa and Asia. The Asian elephant has smaller ears and a domed head and can be found all over Asia, our favourite trip to see these asian delights is our Circle Sri Lanka trip where you'll visit Uda Walawe National Park and experience feeding time at an elephant transit home as well as seeing them in the wild. To see their african brothers we suggest our Selous and Zanzibar trip where you'll visit Selous game reserve, here the elephant is at its most prevalent.
Lions: East Africa, South Africa
Lions are found in most parts of South and East Africa, and particularly in Selous NP in Tanzania. They are the second largest living cat after the tiger and some even enjoy a spot of tree-climbing in Lake Manyara. For lions we recommend our Masai Heartlands tour.
Turtles and tortoises: Galapagos, Borneo, Costa Rica
There's something about the slow moving tortoise that just make us smile. Try our Complete Galapagos Southern Islands trip marvel at the size of the giant tortoises. For turtles we suggest heading to the tropical Turtle Island in Borneo. Our Sabah Adventure will take you to the island where you might witness the female turtles coming ashore to lay eggs or see the new-borns being returned to the sea.