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Spontaneity, it’s the spice of life. It’s spotting a long-lost friend on a beach in Trinidad, a narwhal surfacing beside your sea kayak in the Arctic Ocean, bonding with strangers over a Pisco Sour in Peru. But one thing that spontaneity shouldn’t be is expensive. That’s why we’re rewarding the impulsive amongst you (the ones who don’t even know the meaning of the word ‘plan’) with incredible offers on last minute departures.

If none of these real life experiences catch your eye (unlikely) or you need a little more time to plan your escape (more likely), check out our best-selling trips by destination below.

Top last minute deals

Departing Days From AUD
11 Dec 2016
Morocco Uncovered
13 $1,820
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14 Dec 2016
California Coast Express
3 $1,045
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14 Dec 2016
Alice Springs to Adelaide Overland ex Yulara
6 $890
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14 Dec 2016
Alice Springs to Adelaide Overland
6 $890
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15 Dec 2016
3 Day Uluru Adventure (Basix)
3 $695
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15 Dec 2016
3 Day Uluru Adventure ex Yulara (Basix)
3 $695
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15 Dec 2016
La Paz to Santiago
21 $1,710 View Trip
15 Dec 2016
3 Day Uluru Adventure ex Yulara (Original)
3 $840
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15 Dec 2016
Best of Cambodia
14 $1,600
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15 Dec 2016
Angkor Trails
9 $1,095
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15 Dec 2016
3 Day Uluru Adventure (Original)
3 $840
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15 Dec 2016
Laos Traveller - Bangkok to Vientiane
14 $1,430
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Best sellers by region


18 Days From $1,869

Discover the allure of southern Africa as you roam from the golden plains of the world...

8 Days From $1,396

Africa is truly the cradle of life. Roam the famous Serengeti National Park, nearly 15...

10 Days From $976

Enter an aquatic wonderland on this adventure through south-east Africa's iconic...


15 Days From $2,556

Travel to Myanmar and discover a country of mythical landscapes, ancient treasures and...

10 Days From $1,413

Capture the spirit of magical Vietnam on this compact tour from the colonial charm of...

15 Days From $1,462

The enchanting northern province of Rajasthan is awash with all the colours of India....

14 Days From $5,955

Ever-welcoming and always fascinating, Japan is a land of ancient cultures, austere...

Australia & NZ

4 Days From $1,265

Journey into the Northern Territory's rugged Top End on this short but sweet four-day...

10 Days From $1,695

Australia's west coast boasts some of the world's best beaches that are relatively...

Central & South America

15 Days From $2,785

From Cuba's historical streets of Havana to the pristine shores of the Caribbean,...

15 Days From $3,076

Travel to Peru and discover the secret land of the Incas as you journey along the...

13 Days From $1,556

Travel from the cobblestone streets of Antigua, through Belize and along the Yucatan...

15 Days From $1,744

Every year thousands of tourists travel to Costa Rica but few get to experience this...

Europe & Middle East

15 Days From $1,440

Travel to Morocco and visit the best of the country's attractions from Casablanca to...

8 Days From $1,850

Taste mystery and intrigue on a revealing tour of Russia - a land that lay hidden...

8 Days From $1,355

Visit Jordan and marvel at a fascinating mix of modernity and ancient wonders. Live it...

8 Days From $1,125

Prepare for some thrilling adventures during this action-packed week in the Pyrenees....

North America

15 Days From $2,995

The Rocky Mountains of Canada offer stunning landscapes of towering peaks, serene...

11 Days From $1,655

America is home to many sights with fascinating history at every turn, and this western...

22 Days From $3,167

Travel east to west to discover the best of America. Learn about the nation’s rich...

7 Days From $997

Cut through the heart of the gigantic United States and hit the open road between two...

Best sellers by theme


10 Days From $1,325

Take the whole family on an unforgettable adventure to charismatic India, a place full...

15 Days From $3,895

Experience the drama of Costa Rica’s landscapes, the real flavours of its culture and...

8 Days From $1,180

Challenge the family to an unforgettable week of adrenaline-fuelled activities with...

13 Days From $1,602

With great food, lush scenery and lots of warm, friendly locals, the whole family will...

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12 Days From $2,065

Chop, slice and eat your way through Vietnam, experiencing one of the freshest and most...

15 Days From $2,650

Spend two fabulous weeks discovering the sights, sounds and flavours of India. From...

9 Days From $1,824

Get an authentic taste of Mexico on this luscious journey through some of the country’s...

12 Days From $2,450

Leave moderation at home and indulge on this gourmet adventure in Sri Lanka. Lie back...

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8 Days From $2,485

Life sounds pretty darn good when your day's biggest dilemma is deciding which deserted...

9 Days From $2,268

Spend eight unforgettable days sailing through the island paradise of Cuba. After being...

10 Days From $2,239

Give in to dreams of sailing the Greek Islands on this seafaring adventure around the...

7 Days From $1,850

Just imagine 7 fabulous days enjoying sublime seascapes of shimmering turquoise water,...

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