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Welcome to Africa, where the rains come blessed by Toto and the Circle of Life is more than just a catchy tune. And nothing against fauna elsewhere, but the uniquely exotic creatures of Africa make it the definitive place for wildlife spotting. If you've seen Gorillas in the Mist or The Lion King (no judging), then there’s a good chance you agree.

Africa is the one place on earth you can see wildebeest migrating over the Masai Mara, mountain gorillas in the mists of Virunga and a sunset over the dunes of Sossusvlei. The best part of it all? It’s all yours for 20% OFF.

Book any of the adventures below by December 15th for travel by May 31, 2016 and get 20% OFF. Discount has already been applied to eligible departures. 

Eligible gorilla trekking trips

*Note: Due to the permits required for Gorilla trekking trips there is a higher than normal deposit amount required at time of booking. Please contact our sales teams for more information. 

USD $3,066
CAD $4,078
AUD $4,105
EUR €2,760
GBP £2,085
NZD $4,415
ZAR R43,151
CHF FR3,060
Visit Africa and travel to Kenya for an overland tour to spot gorillas and rhinos in the jungles of Rwanda and Uganda...

Eligible wildlife trips 

USD $3,540
CAD $3,875
AUD $4,150
EUR €2,630
GBP £2,130
NZD $4,465
ZAR R38,255
CHF FR2,695
Visit Africa and travel through southern Africa's beautiful regions. Visit South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe and...
USD $2,425
CAD $2,938
AUD $3,450
EUR €2,240
GBP £1,765
NZD $3,710
ZAR R39,590
CHF FR2,480
Travel to Madagascar, off the east coast of Africa. Madagascar is teeming with wildlife, national parks and beachside...
USD $1,836
CAD $2,088
AUD $2,415
EUR €1,450
GBP £1,250
NZD $2,640
ZAR R22,660
CHF FR1,495
Travel from Zimbabwe to South Africa via Botswana. The Okavango and Beyond trip is the best way to explore the...
USD $1,605
CAD $1,755
AUD $1,885
EUR €1,240
GBP £965
NZD $2,025
ZAR R17,345
CHF FR1,275
Travel from South Africa's capital to Botswana and Zimbabwe, visiting two of southern Africa's most famous sites,...

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