Travel is about more than just the places...

Take a friend, or make a friend on the road?

We asked our Intrepid family for stories of friendships forged (or strengthened) through travel, and they didn’t disappoint. Here are a few of our favourite tales.

Marriage material: Emmy & Brett

Within ten months of meeting he’d quit his job, packed up his house and moved overseas. Yep, we’ll mark that down as a life-changing Intrepid trip. Read more

Mother and child, Aswan

A family tale: Amanda & Lee

Three Intrepid adventures, two kids, one incredible story. This is the power of travel. Read more

Mother and child, Aswan

Best friends: Mikey & Darrin

Whether manning the map in the front seat or spotting you a few bucks when you’re down, there's no better travel companion than your best friend. Read more

Dad & daughter: Don & Dyan

Hanging out with Dad in Vietnam was awesome, until he got drunk on rice wine during the day on our Mai Chai trek and twisted his ankle! Read more

Travel is more than the seeing of sights...

When it comes to travel it's often the faces, more than the spaces, that stick in the mind. A moment shared, a streetside coffee, a chance meeting on a train – friendships can grow almost anywhere. We reckon you just have to be out in the world to find them. To aid you in your search, we’ve put together a little video made for friends (and future friends) everywhere.

Letter know how you feel

Connecting with old travel buddies is just as important as meeting them in the first place. So why send an impersonal email when you can scribble down your thoughts in glorious ink? It’s time to embrace the lost art of good old-fashioned letter writing. Write on, people.

Read more

Friends from the road #intrepidfriends

We’re on the lookout for photos of travel pals you’ve made on the road. Just tag your perfectly filtered Instagram shot with #Intrepidfriends and let your friend flag fly.