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Tell us about you

I’ve lived and travelled throughout Asia and spent a lot of time in China. Recalling my travelling tales and cooking tips keeps me going until the next trip.

Favourite travel destination and why

I love the thrill of a new place. The excitement as you exit the plane, train or ship you’ve taken to get there and experience the smells, the food, the faces. My favourite destination is the next one!

Best travel memory

Highlights for me would have to be taking the train around European cities and taking in the changing scenery along the Trans-Siberian Railway, hopping on and off and hiking and camping through sun, snow and rain across this huge country.

Tell us about you

I spent the last 2 years travelling through Europe - I love it and never want to stop! I’ve also been through South East Asia and have South & Central America in my horizons. I think travelling is the only thing that makes you richer!

Favourite travel destination and why

Spain - it's a crazy town full of the best things in life - festivals, culture, beaches & sangria!

How many countries have you visited?

24 countries and counting

Most recent adventure

Eastern Europe visiting Auschwitz Concentration Camp, words cannot describe it.

Best travel memory

Running through the streets of Spain with the marching band from the bull fight stadium at San Fermin covered in Sangria and food.

Best travel tips

Do things you wouldn’t normally do, eat things you wouldn’t normally eat, speak to everyone, get a real feel for each culture, and make sure you take loads of photos.

Favourite food experience

Thai dishes from night markets in Bangkok and the pork knuckle at Oktoberfest

Any advice for people considering embarking on the trip of a lifetime

Don’t think just go, travel far, and appreciate every moment of it!

Which country is next on your list to experience and why

Brazil for Carnival, and the rest of South & Central America while I’m at it