Full of mystery and culture dating back millennia, Peru is an indomitable land of deserts etched with enigmatic lines, Amazonian rainforests teeming with wildlife, and soaring mountains harbouring secret cities.

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Departing Days From ZAR
1 Jul 2018
Cycle Peru (Machu Picchu & the Sacred Valley)
8 R22,080
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7 Jul 2018
Peru Family Holiday
10 R33,875
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7 Jul 2018
Sacred Land of the Incas
15 R41,765
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7 Jul 2018
Essential Peru
21 R35,195
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21 Jul 2018
Ecuador to Peru Adventure
9 R14,585
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22 Jul 2018
Peruvian Pathways
14 R55,915
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22 Jul 2018
Inca Encounter
10 R40,150
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28 Jul 2018
Inca Trail Family Holiday with teenagers
14 R36,620
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4 Aug 2018
Highlights of Ecuador & Peru
28 R48,325
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6 Aug 2018
Inca Trail Express
7 R16,040
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19 Aug 2018
Peru Encompassed
21 R49,775
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