We’ve partnered up with Earthwatch to create a very special adventure: the chance to not only visit some truly unspoiled places in Queensland's stunning Daintree rainforest, but to actually participate in the environmental research that keeps them unspoiled. 

Earthwatch is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to environmental field research (you know, out in the wild) and to educating decision-makers on things like climate policy. And since we love this earth of ours and want to do as much as possible to protect it, we thought teaming up would be very cool indeed.

Cue our (once in a lifetime) Rainforests of Australia Expedition.


What's the trip?

If you’ve ever dreamt of a) exploring truly untouched regions of Australia, b) helping scientists better understand our fragile ecosystems, c) seeing rare and endangered wildlife right up close, or d) all of the above, this is the trip for you.

We’ll send you into the depths of the Daintree, which consists of around 450 square kilometres of steamy rainforest, babbling creeks and lush mountain ridges. You’ll be teamed up with some of Australia’s leading climate change scientists and help out with all aspects of fieldwork, from taking readings of humidity and temperature, to bird transects, measuring and recording reptiles, spotlighting for frogs at night and collecting invertebrate samples.


Who is Earthwatch?

Earthwatch is an international not-for-profit organisation with over 40 years experience in field research and education. They work to promote understanding of climate issues and recommend action that is necessary to ensure a sustainable environment, whether it's the effects of climate change or deforestation and loss of habitat for rare species.

Having grown from humble beginnings in Massachusetts in the early 70s, Earthwatch has now run over 1,400 expeditions in over ten countries (there’s 50 underway as we speak). This adds up to about ten million hours of field research. Their scientists and researchers are some of the leaders in their field, bringing decades of experience to every trip they run. There’s no-one better equipped to reveal the natural wonders of Australia’s Daintree Rainforest.

Our values

We strive to limit our enivoronmental impact on the places we travel to and to protect the cultures and livelihoods of the people we are fortunate to meet along the way. We officially went carbon neutral in 2010, offsetting all the carbon generated by our trips, offices and activities. We also do a lot of valuable conservation and community work with our not-for-profit foundation, The Intrepid Foundation.

That’s why partnering up with Earthwatch seemed like a natural fit to us. Following real scientists and helping with work that could save one of Australia’s most precious environments? That's definitely good value.