Travel can do a world of good. Book any Asia trip before December 14, and 10%* will be donated to our not-for profit, the Intrepid Foundation.

 How Your Trip Makes a Difference

You book 

10% of Asia trip costs go towards Intrepid Foundation projects

We give

We give 100% of money raised directly to hand-picked projects

You empower

Your dollars empower local communities throughout Asia

Your dollars support three inspiring projects in Asia: Friends of the Asian Elephant, an elephant sanctuary and hospital in Thailand; Small Projects Istanbul, a clothing and accessories brand run by Syrian refugees in Turkey; and Friends-International, a social enterprise in Cambodia that teaches marginalized youth skills to help build careers in hospitality.

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Intrepid Foundation Projects Your Dollars Will Support


Support Friends of the Asian Elephant



Support Small Projects Istanbul



Support Friends-International


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* Up to a maximum donation of $40,000 AUD, before December 14, 2018, at 11:59pm PST.