South Africa is home to a cultural tapestry like no other, with indigenous tribes such as the Xhosa and Zulu side-by-side Afrikanas and people of other European descent, as well as many Indian and Jewish communities. This diverse cultural backdrop has resulted in unique traditions, customs and cuisines, and makes South Africa an extraordinary country to visit. Blessed with the magnificent Stellenbosch wine region, the epic Kruger National Park, Table Mountain and surrounds, it’s now surprise that South Africa is fast-becoming a leading destination for travellers wanting to experience the diversity of Africa.


Top reviews on South Africa holidays

If you want to find out more about a holiday in South Africa but don’t want to take our word for how incredible a destination it is, why not browse through our South Africa holiday reviews below? Written by real Intrepid travellers, they’ve experienced the country first hand on one of our trips, and their feedback can help you when researching your own South Africa holiday.


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