From the mysterious Amazon to the powerful Himalayas and the sprawling Sahara – there are lots of fascinating places in this world we call home. Emphasis on lots. You could sail the Greek isles, eat your way through Mexico’s street food and still have almost 200 countries at your fingertips.  So how on earth (literally and figuratively) do you choose where to travel to?

Our hot tip is to tap into the trends of your fellow travel-lovers. We’ve looked into where our U.S. travelers are going and buzzing about, and came up with our Quarterly Trends. Because people that love travel, know travel.

Check out the Quarterly Travel Trends from April – June 2016 below.

Top 10 Destinations


Top Emerging Destinations*


*Countries with highest percentage of growth in number of travelers from

  January - March 2016 to April - June 2016


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