Open, sustainable, beautiful - the Nordic countries are the next adventure frontier for thrill-seekers and the curious and bold. Unwind in Denmark and learn the art of hygge. Lace up your hiking boots and trek through towering fjords in Norway. Experience the rush of a winter dog-sled ride in Lapland in Finland. Discover the vibrant natural colours of Iceland. Fika with locals in Sweden and try a princesstårta (a princess cake) or kanelbullar (cinnamon buns). Learn about Indigenous culture in Nuuk on an exploration of Greenland. Or spot Atlantic puffins when you stop by the Faroe Islands on an adventure to the Arctic.

The Nordics have something for everyone. The only question is, which country will you start your adventure in?

Meet the Nordics


Take in the fresh Danish air as you explore as the locals do and stroll through the bohemian quarters of Copenhagen.

Visit Denmark


Grab your hiking boots and head to this Arctic landscape. Split your time between cities and nature, learning about Finnish culture as you explore.

Visit Finland


Experience glaciers in winding fjords in the east, uncover Norse history in the south, and trek icebergs and mountains in the west.

Visit Greenland


Soak in the colours and scenery of Iceland as you visit the famous Blue Lagoon, icy Jokulsarlon, the rolling hills framing Skogafoss, and the dramatic plummeting cliffs along the Westfjords.

Visit Iceland


Hike underneath the vibrant colours of the Northern Lights, or explore the Svalbard archipelago on an expedition voyage.

Visit Norway


A lively coffee culture, strong viking history, and Allemansrätten - a Swede's freedom to roam. Come and find out why so many praise this magnificent country.

Visit Sweden

Explore the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands might be small, but nature works on a grand scale on these 18 islands in the North Atlantic. With breathtaking views from every angle, visitors come here to experience the region's raw and untouched beauty. This small yet vibrant community has a thriving art and music scene and traditional cuisine that can be traced back to the Norwegian Vikings and combines maximum flavour with minimal waste.

*While we don't have any dedicated trips solely to the Faroe Islands, you can visit on our Exploring Spitsbergen via the Faroes and Jan Mayen trip.

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