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Twenty years ago when you travelled to the Taj Mahal or the Trevi Fountain, you travelled to see them. To feel something. To soak up the…whatever-it-is that makes them special. You didn’t have to think about being ‘present’ because there wasn’t much alternative.

These days you can’t swing a selfie stick without hitting a traveller on their phone. Taking photos, checking filters, hunting for wi-fi with the determination of a ravenous truffle pig. In a world of digital addicts, it’s time to kick the habit. That’s why we’re releasing four Digital Detox Trips: exclusive departures where there’ll be no social media, no phones and no cameras. For real. This is travel like it used to be. Adventure, unplugged.

Digital Detox Trips


We have taken four of our most popular tours and created one-off departures that are completely free from technology. This means no cell phones, laptops, or cameras.

Ecuador on a Shoestring (8 days) (DDGGRU) October 10th, 2016

Highlights of Thailand (10 days) (DDTTKK) November 26th, 2016

Golden Triangle (8 days) (DDHHSN) December 7th, 2016

North Morocco Adventure (9 days) (DDXMSB) January 10, 2017

The Digital Detox tours, much like a regular Intrepid trip, focus on making meaningful connections with your fellow travelers and the local people. The difference with these tours is that they are completely free from technology. Before the trip travelers will sign a pledge agreeing to participate in the Digital Detox challenge. This entails commiting to a trip that is free of Internet, Wi-Fi- cellphone, laptop and camera usage. Each traveler will receive a notebook with a copy of their pledge during the welcome meeting at the start of their tour. They will also have the opportunity to provide their leader with an email address should they wish to send a daily update home. The leader will send one recap email per day just to let your friends and family know you're having the time of your life unplugging. 

We'll provide the emergency contact information of our local office and your tour leader should you wish to pass that along to your family and friends. Regardless, it's always listed in the trip notes!

If you really want to bring your phone of course that's ok. We understand travellers will be using technology while in transit. However out of respect to the group and the Digital Detox experience there is an expectation that your cell phone is powered off and in your bag for the duration of the tour.

No cameras allowed. The Digital Detox tours really allow for people to put down their camera and focus on living life infront of the lens. Our team at Intrepid Travel love photography and acknowledge this will be tough, but we feel it can be an incredibly worthwhile exercise. We often catch ourselves chasing that perfect sunrise or reflection photo. What would happen if we just chased the moment instead?

No problem at all. We acknowledge fully that these trips are not for everyone! Lucky for you these itineraries all have regular departures running a few days before an after!

Ecuador on a Shoestring

October 1st -GGRU

October 10th- DDGGRU

October 15th –GGRU

Highlights of Thailand

Nov 21st – TTKK

Nov 26th – DDTTKK

Nov 28th – TTKK

Dec 2nd - TTKK

Golden Triangle

Dec 1st – HHSN

Dec 5th – HHSN

Dec 7th – DDHHSN

Dec 8th – HHSN

December 10th - HHSN

North Morocco Adventure

Dec 30th – XMSB

Jan 6th – XMSB

Jan 10th – DDXMSB

Jan 13th - XMSB



These trips are designed to give the hyperconnected traveler an opportunity to unplug. Technology has become such a big part of the travel experience to a point where we seek out destinations to visit based on what looks good on social media.  Sometimes we are so busy sharing our trips that we forget to experience them.

We want to give travelers the opportunity to wake up every day and be 100% present in the moment. Additional research also suggests a Digital Detox can help create deeper friendships, improve memory and provide new perspectives. Forefitting technology for a week will certainly be a challenge for many, but we believe it will be worth it.

Yes, the Digital Detox applies to the entire trip. There is an expectation that you will be completely tech free from start to finish. While we cannot physically enforce this, we'd hope people who choose to participate in this style of trip will respect the rules and be proactive in disconnecting.

We definitely give you major kudos for trying! While unfortunate, we understand the experience may ultimately prove not to be for you. In this instance we ask that you keep your technology usage to a minimum and out of sight from your fellower Detox-ers. A big part of this challenge is that everyone is in it together, so we wouldn't want to compromise everyone elses experience.

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