Intrepid people choose to see the world in a way that builds human connection, supports local communities, and respects the environment.

Our community of travellers, leaders and staff also share this responsible approach to travel, and want to make a positive difference to the communities that we visit. The Intrepid wristband is designed to be a simple nod to these values, a reminder to be responsible in our travels, and hopefully act as a small memento of your trip.

The wristbands have been hand made by Seven Women, a Nepal-based organisation that empowers marginalized women through education, skills training and income generation. Seven Women make all kinds of products, including clothes and accessories, and the more orders they receive the more women they can train and employ. They are one of the community projects proudly supported by The Intrepid Foundation, a not-for profit entity established by Intrepid Travel in 2002 to empower travellers to give back to the communities they visit.

About The Intrepid Foundation

The Intrepid Foundation is the not-for-profit entity of the Intrepid Group. We support local organisations tackling important community issues all over the world – from conservation and wildlife protection, to education, healthcare and human rights. Our model is simple: we double your donation, then give 100% of that money directly to projects, empowering communities around the world.

The long-term aim is to improve livelihoods through sustainable travel experiences. In fact, the wristband that you received on your trip was part of a limited production run that we commissioned our friends at Seven Women to create, and that one-off order created enough work for the project to employ additional staff.

To find out more about the grassroots projects The Intrepid Foundation is supporting, or to make a donation, visit

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