We see nature as and when it appears, it’s precious and unpredictable but that’s part of the adventure; to discover what’s new for you. Our small group tours get close enough to see but not enough to disturb and that’s what makes us special. Have you ever wanted to see a wild lion have breakfast mere metres away, witness an elephant take a bath, see a pink-feathered flamingo frolic? Now you can share these experiences together.

African Safaris

For the truly wild experience, Africa offers a catalogue of breathtaking wildlife encounters in sublime landscapes, for the casual animal fan to the avid naturalist. From the vast Serengeti plains to the intricate channels of the Okavango Delta, explore this extraordinary hub for incredible wildlife spotting.

Eastern Africa has some of the most spectacular safari settings; the vast savannahs of the famous Serengeti National Park are home to lions, cheetahs and more, hiding in the long grass. Inside these vast plains is the natural wonder, the Ngoronogoro crater, an extinct volcano and perhaps a paramount place to spot big game.

Southern Africa offers the most diverse of all safari experiences; from the picturesque coastline of Mozambique to the vast, stark desert landscape of Namibia. We offer water safaris in canoes down the Okavango delta or go it on foot to get up close and personal with smaller wildlife. Challenge the Masai tribespeople to see who can jump the highest or track wildlife with the San Bushmen of Namibia. You can camp wild in true African style in the bush or spot the big five from the comfort of a lodge, you choose how you want to sleep on safari. One of the best challenges on an African safari is to see who can spot the most animals. Let’s see how many you can find?

The Galapagos Islands

Sitting just below the equator, Darwin’s enchanted 61 islands and islets are host to a collection of fascinating tropical and marine wildlife, ready for your family to explore.

If you’re a tropical wildlife enthusiast or just want to see something a little different, the Galapagos Islands are the perfect wildlife getaway. With fearless underwater lizards, fluffy sea lions and Blue-footed Boobies in close quarters, we can see why travellers visit this remote outcrop, not to mention the stunning beauty of the landscape. Enjoy swimming alongside sea lions and dolphins, the friendlies of the ocean, or trekking to the peak of the Sierra Negra Volcano. Ecuador is a short flight away and a great stopover with vibrant cities and picturesque cobbled streets. The Galapagos sprouted out of the Pacific from a sub oceanic lava vent, and it continues to develop through this process, so visit this year, and what will you discover next year?

India's tiger safaris

Incorporating great wildlife spotting into an adventure holiday is an added bonus, especially when you’re after an elusive creature such as India’s Bengal tiger.

The rocky landscape of India’s Ranthamborne National Park is one of our favourites for successful morning and evening tiger safaris; kids will love watching out for crocodiles, deer and leopards hiding in the bush.India has a unique and magical atmosphere and the tiger is closely associated with this country, it is a cultural symbol and worshipped creature.  Your local Group Leader will be full of inspiring, historical knowledge about this impressive animal.

What to see where

With so many creatures and animals in your reach on our wildlife tours, it can be hard to decide what your family want to see, or in fact, what’s out there.

On a family wildlife holiday, our local Group Leaders know exactly where to go for the best wildlife viewing, but for a taster, our guide will help you discover what’s new for you. Whether it’s seeking out the African elephant, searching for the elusive Bengal tiger in India, or spotting a giant-shelled tortoise, we’ve got it covered.

The Great Migration

A highlight of an African safari is witnessing parts of the Great Migration; an epic pilgrimage that sees many thousands of wildebeest, zebras and gazelles chase the rains across 2,700 km of the Serengeti in search of prime grazing land.

The Asia and African Elephants

These majestic creatures are high on a traveller’s must see animal list and we understand why. Differing slightly in shape, you can see these gentle giants on our family wildlife holidays in the wild in Africa, or living in well-deserved paradise in family-friendly sanctuaries based in Sri Lanka and Thailand.

Sloths, birds and butterflies

The lush green rainforest of Costa Rica is a haven for exotic brightly covered birds, red-eyed leaf tree frogs, beautiful butterflies and sleepy sloths. Enjoy zip wiring through the jungle with white-faced capuchin monkeys peeping down through the trees.

Marine Wildlife

Enjoy swimming alongside creatures of the ocean with dolphins and sea lions, and spot the giant shelled tortoises in the Galapagos on our family wildlife holidays. For those giants of the waves, whale watching in Canada is an extraordinary activity to see who can spot the lively blues in a sea of blue.