There’s a place in the world so special that it rarely leaves a visitor unmoved, or unimpressed. Here, historical treasures and tasty dishes are the stars of the show, as is the unwavering hospitality and friendliness showed by everyone you meet.

Of course, we’re talking about Jordan, where even the most powerful words fail to describe just how magnificent this destination is. Go beyond the main attractions and cycle or trek your way across Jordan, enjoy a food-filled adventure or jump on a family trip for a real-life history lesson the kids won’t get in school. Within moments of arrival, you’ll find any excuse to stay forever.

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Highlights of Jordan

Feast on falafel in Amman

Forget what you know about the falafel you’ve sampled in the past, because nothing compares to the real deal straight from the heart of downtown Amman. As you wander through the streets, the herb-filled, chickpea-packed crispy snack makes for the perfect treat and offers much-needed fuel to keep exploring.

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Get lost in Petra

Spending time at one of Jordan’s most iconic sites, Petra, is one thing. But walking down the lesser known back roads into Petra is in a league of its own. Unknown to many, the sprawling metropolis is filled with plenty of pathways, ruins, tombs and ancient buildings that you could spend days getting lost in.

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Stay at a desert camp

For a bucket-list-worthy experience, a night spent under the stars in Wadi Rum is something you can’t miss. The entertainment for your desert stay involves warm and friendly conversations with your Bedouin hosts and dinner cooked from an earthen oven, but the real showstopper comes in the form of billions of stars dancing across the dark sky.

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Float in the Dead Sea

Experience the feeling of weightlessness (without having to visit outer space) and float in the salty waters of the Dead Sea. Once you’ve bobbed around like a buoyant floatation device, slather yourself in the mineral-rich mud. Believe it or not, the mud here is said to have healing properties, so you might as well test it out and see the results for yourself.

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