1. All vouchers remain subject to our booking terms and conditions

2. Available for direct bookings on Australia product in the UK & EU. Also redeemable in Australia with the Australia sales team.

3. If a specific trip / product is identified at the time of purchasing the voucher, it becomes subject ot the current price guarantee arrangement. 

4. Before a departure date has been booked and a date has been committed to, prices are subject to change. If the price changes before confirming a date, a refund will be issued if the price of the trip is less than the cost of the voucher. If the price of the trip is more than the cost of the voucher, the difference will need to be paid. 

5. Once the space has been booked on the tour, the cancellation policy applies. 

6. If no trip has been identified and just a nominal amount has been paid, then the price of the trip at the time of the voucher redemption applies. 

7. Until the voucher is redeemed, availability and trip departures are subject to change.

8. Vouchers may not be transferred to another person or cashed in, and are only valid for a maximum of one year from final payment, after which they expire. 

9. A passport copy of the customer named on the voucher must be supplied at time of booking.

10. One voucher per person.