Australia is a tricky country to plan for. It's on the other side of the world, it's got deserts bigger than England and its approach to efficient schedules is basically 'no worries, mate'. Instead of planning your whole trip in advance, we've come up with something better: a voucher system. Book your Aussie adventure with us today, then pick your dates further down the track. Simple. 

So if you want to stay in Melbourne for an extra week, sipping lattes and gobbling smashed avocado, or switch up Queensland's golden beaches for red rock gorges and shady billabongs of The Kimberly, you can. It's all about keeping your options open. Minimal stress, maximum adventure. Oh, and no worries. 

Or, why not share the Intrepid love? Give someone special a gift to remember. Can't decide which trip? No dramas, we've got it covered. Just choose a cash amount to put against the voucher and let the wanderlusting commence.  

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