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Deep-fried grasshoppers in white pepper and soy sauce, neon Love Hotels with Hello Kitty bedspreads and the honking cacophony of a thousand mopeds ringing-in the new dawn – could there be a less ordinary destination than Asia? Steeped in history and spiced with mystery, this exotic continent has inspired artists, mystics and poets for centuries. Now it’s your turn to escape the ordinary.

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Because Burma was cut off from the outside world for about five decades under the rule of a military junta, it’s a remarkably well-preserved slice of old-school Asian life. Imagine Thailand before the tourists arrived: quiet rural communities based on simple agriculture, saffron-clad monks living and praying in gilded pagodas, little islands and white beaches in the Bay of Bengal, and warm smiles wherever you go. This is a rare chance to get ahead of the travel curve and see Burma before it booms. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.
15 Days From £1,264

Travel to Myanmar (Burma) and discover mythical landscapes and amazing hospitality....

13 Days From £850

Explore the ancient mysteries of Myanmar on this tour from Yangon. Visit awe-inspiring...

Trip Name Days From GBP
Classic Myanmar





When you close your eyes and picture Indochina, it’s the scents and sounds that come back the strongest. There’s that whiff of lemongrass and galangal, the sizzle and pop of a streetside stir-fry, and the honking of a thousand mopeds with not a helmet in sight. If you want to experience deep-fried grasshoppers, vine-covered jungle ruins, bustling neon cities and the biggest smiles on earth, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam are the countries for the job. 
10 Days From £696

Travel from historic Hanoi to modern Ho Chi Minh City. Tour down the Mekong, visit...

9 Days From £582

Travel through Cambodia from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam to Bangkok in Thailand on an...

13 Days From £836

Travel from Bangkok to Vientiane on a tour through Thailand and Laos. Visit Thailand's...

Trip Name Days From GBP
Best of Vietnam & Cambodia



Vietnam Express Northbound



Cycle Vietnam



Cambodia Adventure



Vietnam Real Food Adventure



Vietnam Discovery



Best of Cambodia



Explore Vietnam



Classic Vietnam



Cambodia - Hike, Bike & Kayak



Cambodia Express



Scenic Vietnam



Cambodia Discovery



Treasures of Vietnam



Best of Cambodia & Vietnam



Classic Cambodia



Cambodia Real Food Adventure



Best of Vietnam



Cambodia & Laos Encounter



Cambodia & Vietnam Experience



Vietnam and Cambodia Explorer



Cambodia & Vietnam Discovery



South East Asia Loop



Classic Cambodia & Vietnam



Cambodia Encompassed



Explore Cambodia & Vietnam



Vietnam & Cambodia Adventure




South-East Asia

Just below Indochina you'll find Malaysia and Indonesia (and Sabah, Borneo, Brunei, Singapore and Sarawak if you're playing at home): some of the strangest and most beautiful countries on earth. There are literally thousands upon thousands of islands here, many of them uninhabited, hundreds of native dialects, wild rainforests full of orangutan, craggy mountains above the clouds, and virgin reefs offshore that have never seen a snorkel. Want to come?
12 Days From £1,365

This Sabah Adventure tour through the Borneo wilderness will truly capture your...

14 Days From £1,192

From Jakarta to Mt Bromo, Seloliman to Ubud, this tour of Indonesia reveals a nation...

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Beautiful Bali



Explore Northern Thailand



Philippines Palawan Island Getaway



Beautiful Northern Thailand



Classic Borneo



Thailand Beaches West Coast (Nov - Apr)



Philippine Discovery



Wild Sarawak



The Kokoda Track



Highlights of Thailand



Bangkok to Singapore



Best of Borneo



Singapore to Bangkok Adventure



Best of Malaysia



Sail Phuket to Ko Phi Phi



Thailand Beaches East Coast (May - Oct)



Sail Ko Phi Phi to Phuket



Thailand Real Food Adventure



Thailand - Hike, Bike & Kayak



Classic Thailand East Coast (May - Oct)



Classic Thailand West Coast (nov - apr)



Thailand Adventure East Coast (May - Oct)



Philippine Adventure



Java & Bali Explorer



Bangkok to Bali



Best of Thailand & Malaysia



Thailand Adventure West Coast (Nov - Apr)




China & Tibet

The quintessential Asian powerhouse, and its quiet monastic neighbour. Relations have always been strained between China and Tibet, and the differences between the two are stark: China is brash, bold and neon. A towering colossus with a proud heritage, where silver cities give way to lowland farming communities and some of the true wonders of the ancient world. Tibet is alpine, traditional and calm: a serene Buddhist beacon among the white peaks of the Himalayas. If you want to understand Asia’s chaos and contradictions, this is where you come. 
21 Days From £2,535

Travel to China and tour Beijing, visit the Great Wall of China, see the Terracotta...

Trip Name Days From GBP
China Highlights



Beijing to Hong Kong



South China Getaway




Central Asia & Mongolia

In the 13th century the landlocked countries of Central Asia rose to become the centre of an empire that spanned most of Europe and the East. And yet they’re still the continent’s best-kept secret. While tourists flock to the beaches of Thailand, very few are sleeping in tribal yurts on the vast grasslands of the Mongolian steppe. As hordes of travellers descend on the Great Wall of China, the deserts of Uzbekistan remain silent, still and empty. This is the land of the Silk Road, of ancient caravan trails and hidden mountain monasteries. If you’re looking for an Asia sans cocktails and sunbeds, you just found it.
20 Days From £2,865

Travel on the Trans-Siberian and Trans-Mongolian Railways from Russia to China. This...

16 Days From £2,520

Travel to China, Mongolia and Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railway from Beijing to...

Trip Name Days From GBP
Wild Mongolia




Japan, Taiwan & Korea

In the islands off the coast of mainland Asia you’ll find one classic tourism giant, and two potential usurpers to the throne. In one corner you have Japan, a consistent picture postcard destination. Whether you touch down amid blushing cherry blossoms or sugar-white snows, it’s unlike any other place on earth (and comes with literally boatloads of fresh sashimi). In the other corner you have Taiwan, a burgeoning island with a fusion food scene to rival Tokyo and some of the most dramatic scenery in Asia; and South Korea, an enigmatic blend of neon cities, kooky culture and gorgeous mineral hot springs. Who wins this fight? You decide.  
13 Days From £2,722

Experience the best of this fascinating country on a comprehensive tour of Japan. From...

Trip Name Days From GBP
Japan Express



Classic Japan



Japan Real Food Adventure




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