The Adventure

For you guys playing at home, our Adventure Collective triapsed through Mexico & Guatemala. Starting in the queso-filled markets of Mexico City, they wound their way south, through Zapotec ruins in Oaxaca, local villages in San Cristobal and over the waters of Lake Atitlan, all the way to Antigua in the Guatemalan highlands. It was grueling. There were tacos.

The good news is you can follow in their footsteps (metaphorically anyway – it’s really hard to keep track of real footsteps). With each destination below, we've listed a few trips that visit the area.



Days 1-2 Mexico City

Mexico City is what happens when mariachi music, high-octane nightlife, colonial history and Aztec ruins get together in one delicious, cheese-filled explosion. Here our Collective will taste some of the freshest market produce, check out the ruins of Teotihuacan, expand their minds (and stomachs) on a killer taco crawl and sip mescal in one of the city’s hottest downtown bars. It’s tough work, but someone’s got to do it. 

Mexico City, Mexico

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Days 3-4 Oaxaca

With a surplus of trendy artists and a street parade in the Zócalo every other day, Oaxaca has that laid-back-city vibe down pat. It’s where Mexico comes for a good time, and our Collective will be exploring it from edge to edge: Zapotec ruins in Mezcaleria and Mitla, the famous Árbol del Tule (the widest tree in the world), market plazas and nightlife hotspots, not to mention a cool dip and mountain views at the stunning Hierve el Agua. Heaven, thy name is Mexico.


Trip Name Days From GBP
Mexico Real Food Adventure




Days 5-6 San Cristobel

There aren’t many spots in the world where you get cobblestoned colonial beauty and shamans cleansing the air with firewater and chickens. San Cristobal is one of them. It’s half old-world charm, half tribal roots. Our Collective will explore Tzotzil and Tzeltal villages by bike, check out the church at San Juan Chamula, buy a few handicrafts at the markets and kick back with a cheesy elotes locos (crazy corn) in the highlands of Chiapas. 

San Cristobal, Mexico


Trip Name Days From GBP
Mexico Unplugged



Best of Mexico







Days 7-8 Panajachel / Lake Atilan

The Collective cross the border – from here on it’s Guatemala all the way. The first stop is Panajachel, on the shores of the stunning Lake Atitlan. It’s a place for all the ‘ings’: hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, horse riding and anything else that gets the pulse racing. Our travel pros will bunk down for the night in a homestay in San Jorge La Laguna, explore surrounding market towns like Santiago Atitlan, shop for a few hand-made textiles and chill out by the water with a beer, the way nature intended.  
Lake Atilan, Panajachel

Trip Name Days From GBP
Maya Encounter




Days 9-10 Antigua

The end of the road, Antigua: home to coffee plantations, pastel plazas, the odd volcano and marimba music galore. Although it’s not technically the capital, Antigua is still the pumping cultural heart of Guatemala. Our Collective might work on their moves with a traditional dancing lesson, check out some plantation-fresh coffee or daytrip 2,200 metres above sea level up to Chichicastenango and check out the country’s biggest craft market. 
Antigua, Guatemala

Trip Name Days From GBP
Central American Journey




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