Whether it’s stopping to sip chai with locals in Rajasthan or stumbling on a street party in Rio de Janeiro, we believe the best travel moments are those that, years later, make you stop and think: ‘wow, I did that’. We call these real life experiences. They’re encounters with new people and unfamiliar places that are so unique you’ll carry them with you forever. Here are some of our best experiences guaranteed to linger long after you’ve returned home.  


10. Dancing the night away in Buenos Aires

Passionate and feisty, the tango is a fierce spectacle in itself. Add in the rainbow streets of La Boca, the thrum of a guitar and you have the makings of a uniquely Argentinian showstopper. Whether it’s joining a private tango class, taking in a show or hitting the clubs, the local portenos will show you how it’s done in style.

9. Practicing your ‘Om’ in Varanasi

Intensely spiritual, the crowded streets of India’s holy city are confronting and eye-opening. Visit the ghats along the River Ganges and witness the celebration of life and death, then practice some traditional chants with the monks at one of the city’s Hindu temples.

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8. Catch a gondola in Venice

Eternally romantic, Italy’s sinking city enchants with its marble palaces and secret streets made for star-crossed lovers. With no buses, trams or cars allowed, the best way to explore is by local vaporetto. For that extra touch, hail a gondola and glide beneath Venice’s bridges, chatting with your friendly gondolier as you go. 


7. Take a food crawl through Hanoi

Eating crispy pork banh mi beside a street food stall while sitting on plastic chairs two sizes too small – this is as authentic as it gets. Wash it down with a refreshing iced coffee or coconut juice, then do it all again at the next stall down the street.

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6. Shop 'til you drop in Istanbul

With colorful lanterns, shining silverware and mountains of spice on display, Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar is the best place to practice your haggling. Chat with the craftsmen before doing your best to charm them into a bargain. 

5. Learn to weave in Peru

Seated in one of the small huts dotted along the Sacred Valley, watch as the local women weave some of the country’s iconic alpaca jumpers. Learn about their traditional methods dating back to the Inca period and appreciate the skill and patience required in their craft.

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4. Get lost in Patagonia’s wilderness

Words fail to do justice when describing the staggering beauty of Patagonia’s glaciers, valleys, snow-capped mountains and forests. Hiking and camping through this rugged patch of southern Argentina will fire your imagination and leave you stirred. 

3. Learn about Sherpa culture in Nepal

Venture into the most mountainous parts of Nepal and you’ll find the resilient Sherpa people – an ethnic group that follow the practices of Tibetan Buddhism and respect deities they believe are found in nature. Learn about their beliefs and traditions in Kathmandu and Northern Nepal, and perhaps even chat what it’s like to summit Everest with a Sherpa over some steamy Nepali tea.

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2. Cook up a storm in Macedonia

At the bottom of a winding valley, inside one of Macedonia’s oldest villages, you’ll find the secrets to the region’s specialty pastries. Dust your hands in flour and prepare to get cooking with the local village women in a pastry masterclass. The Balkans are the next big thing in food and this is the tastiest way find out why.

1. Camp out on the plains of Kenya

Spend a night swapping stories with Maasai warriors, learning about each other’s cultures and counting the stars in the sky above. Fall asleep to the sounds of the wild, safe in the knowledge that the warriors are guarding you while you dream.

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