Hungry for travel? We’ve cooked up the secret recipe for the most satisfying adventures out there. 

Our new food-focused trips and experiences for 2023 don’t just give you a taste of a place, but a full flavour profile – connecting you to ancient cultures, local communities and culinary traditions in the most delicious ways possible. Chef’s kiss. 



Trip pick: The Balkans Real Food Adventure

"I'm so excited to introduce travellers to a feast of foodie experiences in the Balkans' coolest under-the-radar regions in 2023. We'll taste locally-made wine and liquers at a family's home in Konavle (Croatia), learn to make traditional antipasti during a cooking lesson in Prespa (Macedonia) and so much more. Bring your appetite for adventure!"

Aleksandar Josifovski, Intrepid leader

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9 Days From 1113

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10 Days From 1756

Taste your way across Armenia and Georgia on an unforgettable 10-day food adventure...

9 Days From 2920

Discover the diverse dishes of Israel and the Palestinian Territories, tasting sabich...

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