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Aisha, California 

Aisha has always been deeply curious about the world around her. She travels to learn more about other cultures and to escape her hectic work schedule. But when all her friends and family back home in California were busy, she decided to go on her own adventure.

Traveling solo on our Egypt Experience trip, Aisha was able to make new friends, experience new cultures and fulfill her curiosity about the world.

Why Aisha Travels with Intrepid

Local Leaders

Let a local show you the way. Get to the heart of a destination with our award-winning leaders.

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Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel

We carbon offset all our trips and are the world's largest travel B-Corp.

Why travel responsibly

Small Groups

Small Groups

Tour with an average of 10 like-minded travelers united by a love for authentic travel.

Why small groups

Safety First

As a solo female, feel safe traveling in a group and knowing your safety is our biggest priority.

Travel safely

Aisha's Top 5 Travel Experiences


"My dream trip was always to visit Egypt. Seeing the pyramids, taking a cruise on the Nile and maybe even riding a camel would be the perfect escape from my congested city life and the burdens of medical training. So I decided traveling there would be my graduation gift to myself."

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