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Wadi Rum

Possibly our favorite desert on the planet (and Lawrence of Arabia’s too) Wadi Rum is the whole package: red sands, sheer sandstone mountains, ancient petroglyphs and Bedouin camps beneath the stars. Choose your vehicle: 4x4 or camel. Either is well equipped to navigate the vast valleys and hot sands of the Rum.


You’re walking along a shadowy Siq, a tectonic rift of split sandstone. Round a corner and it emerges in front of you: Al-Khazneh, the Treasury of Petra. Built in the third century BC, Petra is right up there with the Pyramids and Parthenon as one of the ancient world’s most spectacular legacies. Petra was abandoned in AD663 and unknown to the Western world until a Swiss traveller discovered it in 1812.


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