Food Destinations

Europe & North Africa

There is no more diverse place on the planet to delight your tastebuds than the complex tapestry of cultures within Europe and Northern Africa. Experience the pasta, pizza and gelato of some of Italy’s finest artisan producers, tapas-hop through Northern Spain and Galicia, enjoy the best meze in Turkey and taste the tantalising tajines of Morocco.

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North Africa

Asia & Indian Subcontinent

Get ready for a sizzling, spicy, steamy adventure as you tackle some of the world’s most tempting dishes. Experience the complexity of Indian and Sri Lankan curries, discover a whole new world of flavour in Cambodia, indulge in the French-influenced treats of Vietnam, uncover a fusion of cuisines in Malaysia, explore China’s different regional styles of food and enjoy a feast of fresh and elegant dishes in Japan.

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The Americas

Head to the mouth-watering Americas and experience a taste frenzy of tacos and tequila in Mexico, discover the gaucho delights of Argentina and learn how locals
infuse and slow-cook to enhance flavours or uncover the stand-out food scene of Peru as you find the perfect ceviche and try traditional Andean delicacies.

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