There’s no doubt we’re living in a world starting to feel the impacts of climate change, and it is today’s youth that will inherit a changed planet. We believe the time for positive action is now – we need to consider what our oceans, reefs, forests and polar regions are going to look like for future generations. While we already carbon offset all our trips, we know there’s still more that can be done. That’s why we’re continuing to discover and invest in new projects that will help to reverse climate change.

Seaweed: The key to saving our oceans

Our not-for-profit arm, The Intrepid Foundation has joined forces with the Climate Foundation on an innovative marine permaculture initiative.  

Together with the University of Tasmania, we’re building a floating permaculture farm that will regenerate kelp forests decimated by marine heat waves and rising sea temperatures.

This seaweed is crucial to the wellbeing of our oceans because it improves water quality for marine life while drawing down carbon from the atmosphere, playing a huge role in combating the effects of climate change. By farming more seaweed, we can take big steps towards making our oceans healthier.

As word travelled around the world, The Intrepid Foundation raised over AU $300,000 in just six months for the project's two phases. With dollar-for-dollar matching from Intrepid, we raised a total of AU $600,000 for climate action, making it one of our most widely-supported projects to date.


Join us in the fight against climate change

Our Family Holidays have always been about epic adventures that educate the next generation of responsible travellers. We care about making the planet more sustainable for the future and we know our travellers do too. But now, we want to step it up a notch by donating 40% of profits from every Family Holiday we sell between now and June 2019 to the marine permaculture project. You and the kids could be seeking out turtles in Borneo, exploring the Amazon Jungle in Peru or learning about endangered rhinos in Kenya – while helping to tackle climate change.

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Want to help reduce carbon emissions, but a Family Holiday isn’t on the cards? You can directly donate to the project instead and The Intrepid Foundation will match your donation dollar for dollar.

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What does the future hold?

Curious to learn more about how marine permaculture can change the world? Don’t miss 2040, a new documentary film that explores what we can all be doing now to make the world a more sustainable place for future generations.

Video courtesy of the 2040 film.

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