Just like a Lonely Planet guidebook, all good things must come to an end.

In early 2020 we partnered with our friends at Lonely Planet to bring you a range of Lonely Planet Experiences – trips powered by Intrepid Travel for independent travellers wanting the freedom to explore while still having the essentials covered. Since then, the world has been turned on its head and a lot has changed for travel and travellers. As a result, we’ve decided to invest our time and resources in what we do best. For Intrepid, that’s running outstanding trips with our local tour leaders, backed by 32 years of experience. For Lonely Planet, that’s creating and commissioning inspiring travel content.

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So if you’ve booked a Lonely Planet Experience, what does this mean for you? In a word…nothing. Lonely Planet Experiences are now called Intrepid Basix. These itineraries keep things simple while offering exceptional value for money and the right amount of free time for optional activities. Your trip has the same itinerary, same inclusions, same group size and same tour leader. Basically, all that will change is the branding on your trip.

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Why choose an Intrepid Basix trip

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Local leaders

Travelling with an experienced leader means you can just enjoy the moment, rather than worrying about when the last train leaves! They’ll give you unique insights and take you to places that only the locals know about.

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Small groups

Our groups are made up of 10 travellers on average. That’s big enough to create a good vibe, but small enough to explore a destination independently. And if you’re travelling solo, it’s the perfect number of new friends.

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Sustainable travel

We believe that travelling sustainably is important. Through our not-for-profit The Intrepid Foundation, we are committed to supporting projects around the world – from reducing carbon in the environment to supporting the livelihoods of local communities.

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Hassle free adventures

We’ve put years of research into our itineraries, operators and accommodation so you can focus on the experiences. Don’t spend hours planning when you can leave it to the experts who understand your style of travel.

Highlights of Intrepid Basix

Travellers with gorilla in Uganda

Visit wild gorillas in Uganda

Climb through the rugged mountain terrain of Bwindi National Park to encounter these rare animals in their natural habitat. Be mesmerised as you watch them eat, sleep, groom and play – the giant silverback surveying the scene as the smaller one’s play like children. Watching their movements is like seeing a mirror image of yourself.

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Treasury in Petra

See the Treasury at Petra

The golden-red façade of Petra’s Treasury is one of the most iconic historical images in the world. As you make your way up the length of The Siq, the narrow, winding entrance-way to Petra and round the final corner, your first glance of the Treasury is a sight you’ll never forget.

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Group of travellers in Cappacdocia

See the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia

Explore a landscape that has to be seen to be believed – the cones, needles and columns of the volcanic rock area of Cappadocia. Meet the locals who live in the rock-carved caves of the region. And, if you feel like splurging, you might even like to take a hot air balloon ride to see the magnificent sites from above.

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Taj Mahal sunrise

Watch the sunrise over the Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is one of those places that has to be seen in real life to be fully appreciated. And the morning golden hour of sunrise, before it gets too crowded or hot has got to be the way to do it. Learn about the romantic past of the building that was built by a heartbroken emperor, to honour his beloved wife who died giving birth to their child.

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How we're giving back

At Intrepid, we believe that it’s our responsibility to help preserve the planet for the next generation of travellers and the communities that call these places home. That's why we offset carbon emissions on behalf of our travellers by purchasing carbon credits with a range of renewable energy projects, such as wind power in India and rainforest restoration in Kenya.

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