If you are reading this, you have tried to access the deprecated XML feeds that used to be hosted on www.intrepidtravel.com, don't worry though, we have a new one for you to use that is much better, you can check out the details at https://developers.intrepidgroup.travel/.

What has happened to the XML feeds I was using?

In 2014 a new set of XML feeds were released to the public for Intrepid Travel. These feeds are part of the Intrepid Group's shared XML feed system. These newer feeds support Polar trips, Galapagos trips and are designed to be easier to use. Since 2014 we have been trying to contact all XML feed partners to encourage them to move to these new feeds, but it looks like we made a mistake and didn't get to you in time.

How do I get access to the feeds again?

Please send an email to api@intrepidtravel.com so that we can arrange for you to access our new system.