Intro copy here that explains why we're launching vegan food departures of our existing Real Food Adventures range. Explain that these departures can be booked by anyone from practicing vegans, to those wanting to test the waters to those just wanting to be more environmentally conscious, as eating vegan aligns with the values of responsible travel. Mention Steph Yu, who we've collaborated with on these tours.

Video below will be the vegan food tours hero video (solo travel video placed in for reference). 

Brand new vegan food tours

Copy that explains that these tours are based on our fantastic existing tours, but catered to those seeking exclusively vegan food experiences. Describe some of the unique offerings on these trips.

8 Days From $1,116

This trip to Thailand is full of adventure, fun and flavour. Eat in popular Bangkok...

10 Days From $2,472

Indulge in mouth-watering cuisine and witness stunning sights on Intrepid's Real Food...

15 Days From $2,533

Relish the sights and flavours of Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur, Mumbai and Goa on this...

Meet Steph Yu

Meet Steph Yu

Talk about Steph Yu here. Link to her website/social. Explain why she helped us design these vegan food departures. 

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The perks of booking a vegan food tour

Content collection here that explains the perks of travelling on a vegan food tour if you are a practicing vegan (i.e. expertise of Steph Yu, local leader to translate, etc). And if you're curious to try being vegan for a trip (i.e. travelling through destinations where many dishes are vegan-friendly, environmental, health benefits, etc.)

Vegan food travel FAQs

Content collection here explaining all potential questions people may have about vegan food travel. Here we can address vegan vs. vegan food and disclose we cannot guarantee vegan practices in every aspect of trip, other than the food.

Our food trips in vegan-friendly destinations

Explain that vegans cans travel anywhere, but some destinations better cater to the vegan market. Be clear that these are our regular food trips. 

12 Days From $4,932

Travel from Tokyo through Kyoto to Kyoto, learning traditional recipes, seeing the...

9 Days From $3,116

Discover the delectable dishes of Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Savour...

8 Days From $2,735

Taste the many flavours of Taiwan, from Taipei, Jiufen to Yilan and beyond. This...

8 Days From $2,412

Get to know Korean cuisine beyond bibimbap snacking at market stalls, chowing into...

8 Days From $2,364

Explore the traditional delights of Italian cuisine while travelling through the...

12 Days From $1,972

Taste the true heart of Sri Lanka through its food. Go deep into a complex cuisine...

12 Days From $1,812

Travel the breadth of Vietnam, from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, experiencing tranquil...

6 Days From $1,276

Get a taste of Jordan via Amman, Petra and Wadi Rum. See why this jewel of the Levant...

10 Days From $1,216

Feast your eyes and stomach on the treasures of Morocco’s souqs and villages, and...