An Elephant never forgets...

As a responsible travel company, we’re not afraid to speak up about animal welfare in the tourism industry, which is why we banned elephant rides on our trips back in 2014.

Do your bit and take the pledge to end the sale of elephant rides. We know when travel agents come together they are a force for good and together we can help end animal cruelty for tourism. For every travel agent that makes the pledge, we will donate $1 to The Intrepid Foundation on your behalf, which will be matched by the Foundation. Check out the amazing projects you will be helping to support below.

PLUS, one lucky pledger will an Intrepid trip to Thailand, to visit rehabilitated elephants in a sanctuary in Chiang Mai.


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Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society

For over 21 years Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society (SLWCS) has worked to find solutions to human elephant conflict. By working directly with communities, they established Project Orange Elephant which encourages farmers to cultivate oranges, a crop that elephants are not attracted to. At the same time, growing oranges helps rural Sri Lankan farmers to create a new, sustainable income while keeping both their families and wild elephants safe. Through their efforts, SLWCS is striving to help elephants and people coexist.

Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation

Friends of the Asian Elephant


Friends of the Asian Elephant was established to protect and conserve the welfare of elephants in Thailand. FAE’s elephant hospital provides free medical care for sick and injured elephants, as well as education for keepers. Its Mobile Vets Project sends teams to Northern Thailand to diagnose and treat elephants. It also works collaboratively with other organisations to advocate for elephant welfare. We are one of 160 travel companies who no longer offer elephant rideson our trips after learning about abuse.

Friends of the Asian Elephant

World Animal Protection


Global polls suggest most tourists who visit wildlife attractions do not realise animals are being harmed. And when they are told about cruelty, most decide not to go. This is why World Animal Protection is committed to educating tourists to stop demand, while also working with the travel industry to prevent the sale of tours that include animal attractions. World Animal Protection's other work includes protecting animals in farms, disasters and in the wild.

World Animal Protection

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