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We're delighted to be hosting a fascinating evening for guests to learn about once-in-a-lifetime Arctic and Antarctic adventures. There will be a presentation by polar expert Bob Headland of the Scott Polar Research Institute, and opportunities to meet polar industry specialist Push Shetty, and Rena Perri, a polar travel specialist. This informative and inspirational evening is FREE to attend, and will offer guests the opportunity to meet and greet our team of polar experts to discover everything there is to know about journeying to the ends of the earth. This event takes place on the 18 November, at the Shelton Room of the Seven Dials Club in Covent Garden, please arrive in time for a 7pm start. There will be food provided, and a fantastic money-off offer exclusive for attendees.

Interest in these bucket-list destinations is incredibly high and places are limited, so please register for this event using the form below. Our polar trips are run in conjunction with Quark Expeditions, who have been leading Polar expeditions since 1991 and are the industry experts in Arctic and Antarctic exploration.

For more information on the location, including a map and information about how to get to the Seven Dials Club, please see their website: www.sevendialsclub.com/contact/

 Meet the experts

Bob Headland

A Senior Associate of the Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge, his principal interests involve historical geography and associated studies. Specifically, his work concerns human effects on Polar Regions - especially the smaller islands and archipelagos. Bob is an adviser to several expeditionary organisations, departments of government, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, and a member of the Institute for Historical Research of the University of London where he delivers lectures for several courses. In 1984, he was decorated with the Polar Medal and is a member of both the Arctic Club and Antarctic Club. 

Push Shetty 

Has managed to combine his love of travel and commercial talent by leading Quark's global distribution team. He started travelling at a young age, and has criss-crossed all 7 continents. He's a people person, a lover of languages and cold temperatures. Advice to the first time passenger: Polar travel is not what you may think. It's dynamic, intriguing, and full of variety. Prepare for the unexpected. The first sight of penguins atop a massive iceberg while entering the Antarctic Peninsula is one he'll never forget.

Rena Perri

The Polar Specialist at Intrepid Travel. Perri has worked in the travel industry for over 15 years and has over 4 years experience in providing specialist advice for customers wanting to visit the Arctic and Antarctic regions. In addition to helping others plan their adventures, she is an avid traveller herself and has visited around 40 countries, including the Polar regions. She is a wildlife enthusiast, and so seeing 13 polar bears and an up-close encounter with a blue whale during the Spitsbergen in Depth trip were personal highlights for Rena.


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