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There is no going back. Here’s how we’re moving forward.

written by Intrepid Travel June 12, 2020

We support the Black Lives Matter movement.

But words must be rooted in action. Solidarity must be steeped in the desire to create long-term change.⠀

And we know we need to do better. So we committed to internal dialogue and decided to use our voice to advocate for change. And we want to share some actions we’re taking to rebuild our business more equitably.

1. Introducing mandatory anti-racism training for all team members

Long-term change requires long-term commitments. We will ensure all staff members globally complete compulsory anti-racism training by the end of September 2020. This will be a requirement for all new team members.

2. Amplifying Black, Indigenous & People of Colour (BIPOC) voices in our marketing

Black lives matter and so too do Black voices and stories.

We’re committed to highlighting more diverse voices more consistently in our social media, blog and email marketing. We acknowledge that tokenism is not meaningful diversity. And we support the work the Black Travel Alliance is doing.

3. Acknowledging the intersection of climate justice and social justice

We must not minimise social inequality in our fight for a healthier planet. Climate advocacy must support all marginalised communities. And so we will add a strand on intersectional environmentalism to our 7-point Climate Commitment.

We support the Intersectional Environmentalist platform and mission.

4. Launching our “Innovate” Reconciliation Action Plan

Our Innovate RAP, developed in partnership with Reconciliation Australia, will see Intrepid listen to and learn from First Nations perspectives, and work in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to build a fairer and more just Australia.

To view our existing inclusion initiatives, climate advocacy, animal welfare work and more, visit our Responsible Business page.

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