5 top spots under a 6-hour flight from North America’s East Coast

written by Carrie Pallardy September 2, 2018
Lake Atitlan, Guatemala at dusk

Are you on North America’s East Coast and in need of a worldly adventure? Skip those endless hours aboard a plane and take a quick trip to somewhere awesome you’ve never been before (or deserves revisiting).

Here are five destinations East Coasters in Canada and the USA can get to in (about) six hours or less. You’re welcome.

1. Cuba

Colourful shop front in Cuba

Photo by Eliza Gower

Cuba needs no introduction. It’s what dreams (and stunning Insta feeds) are made of. Start off in the gloriously old-school capital for cobbled streets, vintage cars and some of the friendliest locals you’ve ever met. Oh, and drink and dance all your stresses away in Havana’s mojito-filled super-cool bars.

You won’t want to leave the city but when you do, you’ll find a whole lot more beauty awaits. With Intrepid, you can tour tobacco plantations in Vinales, get your beach fix in Trinidad, and stroll round the historic city of Santa Clara (home to the Che Guevara museum). You’ll adore it.

Flights: Flights from New York to Havana are just under four hours long.
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2. Mexico

Girl at Chichen Itza in Mexico

Photo by Nathan Landers

Mexico is a tapestry of different landscapes and cultures – this gives it infinite possibilities for travellers. Fly out to Cancún or Riviera Maya for beachy fun and a party that never ends. Discover the rich culture of Mexico City with sights like the National Museum of Anthropology, the Palacio de Bellas Artes and the Museo Frida Kahlo (also, tacos).

Outside of the buzzing, colourful capital you can discover so many other hidden gems. Check out the beautiful old colonial town of Oaxaca for folk art, markets and some of the best food in the country. Also consider visiting Merida, the gateway to the Maya ruins of Uxmal, and the home of some genuinely cool museums.

Flights: Flights directly from Toronto to Mexico City will last about five hours.
Itinerary: Discover the Real Mexico on our 15-day small group adventure from Mexico City to Playa del Carmen.

3. Iceland

Three travellers in the snow in Iceland

Photo by Justin Meneguzzi

Iceland has been such a hot destination for travellers lately that the country is considering raising its tourism taxes. Even if it becomes a little pricier to experience this Nordic island, the otherworldly scenery and chance to see the epic Northern Lights make it worth every bit.

Take unbelievable snaps of the country’s geothermal wonders, dine on local seafood in Reykjavik and hike across volcanoes, mountains and glaciers. If you have your heart set on seeing those Northern Lights, remember your chances are greater on a clear winter’s night, well outside of the city.

Flights: If you’re flying from Boston or Toronto to Reykjavik you’ll spend around five and a half hours in the air.
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4. Guatemala

Girl in front of brightly coloured wall in Guatemala

Photo by Nathan Landers

The Central American country of Guatemala is rich in human history and natural wonders – there’s SO much to love. Discover the roots of Maya culture in the ruins of Tikal and hike through the country’s dense rainforests. For one heck of a unique experience, trek to Semuc Champey, where the waters of the Cahabón River spill over terraced limestone, forming a series of gorgeous blue pools.

Then don’t forget to experience urban life in the pretty, volcano-flanked town of Antigua. The small city is full of colonial architecture and delicious markets and cafes. Hint: if you visit with Intrepid, you can try a homestay at San Jorge La Laguna, visit the sweet Río Dulce river, and so much more.

Flights: A non-stop flight from Richmond, Virginia to Guatemala City will take about four hours.
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5. The West Coast

Girl looks out over the Grand Canyon

Photo by Phoebe Escott-Kenny

It’s a no-brainer, right? The USA’s West Coast is S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G, and the jewel in the crown has got to be California. From the dreamy Hitchcock-esque landscapes of San Francisco (and don’t even get me started on the ice cream from Bi-Rite Creamery), to the towering redwoods in Yosemite and Sequoia national parks, the star-studded boulevards of LA, to the kinda-creepy but incredible Death Valley, California has *literally* got something for everyone.

Flights: A direct flight NYC to LAX takes bang on six hours, while a flight from Toronto to San Francisco takes about five and a half hours.
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