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express wins gold

chinese buddhasWe are thrilled to announce that Intrepid Express has won the 2008 PATA Gold Award in the E-Newsletter category.

The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Gold Awards recognise exceptional achievement in a variety of endeavours, bringing acclaim to the best of the Asia Pacific travel industry. In 2007 Intrepid Travel was the proud recipient of PATA’s Corporate Environment Programme Gold Award and we are now honoured to add the Gold Award for Intrepid Express to our achievements.

Express sets out each week to take you to worlds beyond your own and share in real life experiences around the Intrepid globe. Real stories from real travellers are what make Express so special and it’s an absolute delight to bring you so many inspiring tales. As Editor I enjoy receiving emails from subscribers and every day I am reminded that through travel, communication and understanding we can extend the hand of friendship and peace to our international neighbours.

This year the prestigious 2008 PATA Gold Awards attracted 258 entries from 108 organisations, so being recognised for our pursuit of excellence and innovation amongst the travel industry’s best is an absolute privilege. Sincere thanks to all of you who have shared your travel experiences with us and big thanks to our Express subscribers, for welcoming us into your in-box each week.

Thanks and best wishes,
Sue Elliot
Express Editor

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